Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Doctor said I need a Backiotomy

The blog has been dormant lately... which is related to my lack of activity this last month.  I took a break from running for about a month as i have been struggling with some back pain issues. After 3 out of 4 weeks of air travel at the end of March, different beds and crammed airplanes.. my back got mad at me... and reminded me how precious having a healthy back is.
I have been doing prednisone, lots of chiro visits, as many massages as my wallet can afford without my husband cutting up my credit card in front of me and stretching.  I reminded myself over and over that patience is a virtue and knew i had to take it easy.  Instead of my usual routine where it was bad for a week and then slowly got better.. this one lingered on.. I had moments of big concern if i would ever feel back to normal.. would i be able to sit on the toilet without winching and having a tear or two from the pain the angle created.... for about a week, i honestly wasn't sure.

Thankfully, it is getting better.. slowly.... and i would say i am about 90% back to normal.  I have a busy race schedule.. esp in june with two tri-cations coming up so i am taking it easy.  Been swimming a lot and biking more than i normally do, so there are positives to the obvious negative.  One day at a time.. grateful that my back is recovering and I am able to do what I can do.  Here's to 2014 Race Season!

The reason for the title and this meme:  Something that is regularly said among my husband and I is "Doctor said i need a backiotomy"... this is from the movie Half Baked released in the 90's.  A cult classic that was awesome for being awesomely dumb but nonetheless, both of us loved this movie in high school and the phrase just works for me.  So, this was said probably 50 times between us in the last mth.  


  1. I hope everything goes well! Keep up all the stretch & strengthening as prescribed by the chiropractor!

  2. Hope your back is feeling better! I pulled a muscle in my back last weekend and although it only bothered me for 2-3 days (thankfully!) it definitely reminded me how much I used my back and core for everything!