Monday, June 9, 2014

13.1Chicago Half Marathon Race Review

Won an entry for this race from LaurenRuns.  I wasn't planning to run this race b/c I had the Honor Ride the next day but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a free half marathon and I was pleasantly surprised.  I forgot how great the course is and had a really fun time. 

Packet Pickup:  Scott got my packet at Feet Fleet and said there were no issues

Although the race has shuttles, I opted to drive as I had to be at the office very quickly after the race.  The shuttles make is easy for people to not stress about getting there and finding parking but I was fortunate enough to find street parking only 3 blocks from the start area.  I arrived and was in my corral with about 10 minutes to spare. Some may say I was cutting it a little close.. i would call it perfect timing.

I have referred to many races as a "usual out and back lakefront course".. although this course is still beautiful.. i can be a bit monotonous and even boring for those of us that run and race along the lakefront often.  However, this race had a nice twist to it that kept it interesting.  Felt like I had a good pace for the first 6 miles.. ran at a decent pace while snapping some pics.  The first leg of the course winds around some small lagoons, runs by the Statue of the Republic and then winds to the lakefront.

Once you get the lakefront, you are greeted with lots of entertainment.   The first few miles have a fair amount of shade but then when you hit the lakefront you are pretty exposed.  I could feel that I started sweating when i got to the lakepath but conditions were really the best I could ask for.  Here are some pics along the way.  

You had a great distant view of the skyline as you run north to the turnaround. 
Loved this drill team.  Both times i ran by them they were pumping to some Michael Jackson music
The fun Chinese drum group.  Seen them at a few events, always get you moving. 
There were 2-3 bands along the course (one being a Van Halen cover band who was great) and these two groups.  All of them were awesome and it is amazing how having these groups provide that extra pick me up you need occasionally.  I also love the dudes below with their signs.  My husband and I love The Office and in fact watch more reruns than i care to admit .. so seeing a Michael Scott reference made me giggle. 
Felt good the entire time and only had one stretch where i walked more than just to stop and take a pic.  My left knee (IT related) was kindof irritating me so I stopped to stretch for a few minutes.  Normally, it is hard for me to get going after I walk but I still felt good and kept trudging along. 

Crossed the finish and was medal-ed (with a medal that I think was more of a beer medal vs. a half marathon medal) and given lots of hydration.  The post race area had a lot of stuff.  Michelob had a very big presence (hence the beer medal) and they had misty fans, lots of gatorade/water and also LOU MALNATI'S PIZZA!  Although some people might not be interested in Chicago style pizza at 9 in the morning but this girl is!  And with it not being super hot.. it made it really easy to eat with my hands.  I didn't stay too long as i had to go into work but it was a great morning and had a lot of fun! Walked back the few blocks to my car and made my way back home.  If you do drive, avoid going east after you get in your car.. just get a little west and take the highway or side roads.. trying to get back to lakeshore makes you deal with road closures and can be time consuming and confusing.  
Repping Crush and Rev3 Tri for this race!!

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