Monday, June 9, 2014

Energizer Night Time 5K Race

This was one of my favorite night time races to date.  In the past, i haven't been overly thrilled with them with the major reason being safety.  I have seen people trip, get wacked by low branches and one person get seriously injured from low visibility and a rocky lakefront path. However, when I was offered two comp entries for the Energizer Night Race from i couldn't pass them up as josh was really jealous I did the GloRun without him.. and I am sooo happy we did it.  Proved to be one of the best night races out there!  Here are a few reasons why

  1. Great amazing swag (Nike Gender specific shirt, Energizer headlamp, nice razor, full size sunscreen)
  2. Same day packet pickup.. so many races are eliminating that which is very annoying and loved that they had it right near the start
  3. Has a strong charity component in conjunction with
  4. They ran the course at dusk vs. complete dark which i felt made it safer esp with the headlamps.  It did get dark at the end but it still felt safer. 
  5. Amazing and fun DJ that definitely brought some crazy energy
  6. Great post race party and great food trucks.  Although you had to pay, they all took credit cards and i had the most amazing grilled mac and cheese sandwich... with bacon
Such a great race.. definitely recommend for families as safer than other night races! THANKS ERICA

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