Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting ready for Rev3 Wisconsin Dells

As i prepare for Rev3 Dells, wanted to share a few tips with you on how to maximize the weekend for your family tri-cations.

To me, a perfect tri-cation has the following:
1. A triathlon (kindof a prerequisite)
2. A fun location that provides my family alternatives to standing around and cheering for me on the street corner.
3. Enough hotel options that don't limit us to spending a fortune or staying in a dump  (remember that time i stayed in a Motel 6 and the family staying next door was living in the hotel.. yeah, that was bad)
4.  Lots of restaurants that give us options of eating sit down or quick (with a few healthy options)
5. Good Golf Courses nearby  (this is more for me personally but since I am doing the research, will share)

The Dells provides all of these and as I prepare for my trip, wanted to share with you some of my findings.

1. A triathlon  - Rev3 is back for their third year at Wisconsin Dells and offering events throughout the entire weekend of June 21-22.  

Saturday, they will host a Little Rev that is a fun family race for parents and kids to race together.  It is $25 per person and all athletes receive a: T-Shirt, Medal and prizes.  Scott and Josh did a Little Rev a few years back and they loved it.. it was part running / part scavenger hunt.  Great shake out run for athletes or an opportunity for a non-triathlete adult to get in on the fun.

Sunday, there will be two tris going on simultaneously.  There will be an Olympic and Half Rev.  Both start and finish at the Tommy Bartlett waterski arena.  The arena is a perfect venue for a lot of reasons.  It has real toliets and lots of them, easy free parking, there are great areas for athletes and spectators to sit and wait for their waves or cheer for their athletes respectively, the water is calm and in years past, they have concessions open.... who doesn't need cotton candy for last minute carb loading?  or maybe more realistically; a banana in case you forgot or coffee/drinks for loved ones.
Pic from when i participated in 2012
2. A fun location that provides my family alternatives to standing around and cheering for me on the street corner.
Ok, all of us love seeing our family and friends support us on the course.. Seeing them for that 1 second as we ride or run by is so exciting but for them, it is a lot of time patiently waiting and depending on their spectating skills... waiting to only realize they missed you.  This past year; i have been yelling to random supporters on the run "YOU WIN BEST SUPPORT TEAM".. it is funny to see their reaction but if i have seen that person 4-6 times during my race, it means those people are really dedicated.

However, I race a lot and don't want to ask my family to spend all day cheering me on.  They normally see me get out of the water and then at the finish.  It is enough for me and a good compromise.  So, in between; here are a few options for them.
No!!!  Not Ice Cube! 

1.  They can take advantage of the largest concentration of waterparks, indoor and outdoor, in the world!  There are so many to choose from and many hotels/motels that don't have parks attached will provide passes to them.  Noah's Ark is the finish line for the race and is a perfect place for your family to hang after they drop you off or see you off at Tommy Bartlett.  It is less than a mile drive between the two.  Noah's Ark offers thrill, group, family, kiddie water rides along with some dry attractions. The Black Anaconda was my favorite.. not to be confused with the 90's movie Anaconda starring jLo.

2.   The dells also has tons of other options including:  scenic boat tours, casinos, shopping, live entertainment, state parks and amusement rides.  2 years ago, we went to the Tommy Bartlett show Friday night and had a blast. Not only was it great to do a little recon before the practice swim but the show was so much fun.  Now with so many attractions not being super family friendly, Tommy Bartlett's show still has that wholesome feel along with some great water stunts. 
3. Golf.. i will get to that later.

3. Enough hotel options that don't limit us to spending a fortune or staying in a dump
Dells has tons of hotel options in all different ranges but if you haven't booked yet, don't delay as their summer season is super busy.  Rev3 has some set rates at these hotels or you can go on peruse the site for more options (hotels, motels, campsites, B&B, waterpark hotels).  The discount sites (travelocity, expedia) are always good options BUT they do not include all of the hotels (esp those with water parks) so be aware of that.  Consider checking tripadvisor for reviews and more details about each location. 

4.  Lots of restaurants that give us options of eating sit down or quick
With it being such a family friendly amusement town, there are plenty of options to chose from for eating. The site has the restaurants broken into categories which make it easy to find what you are looking for.   If you want to pick up some food or drinks for your hotel, there is a grocery store, Zinkes, in downtown and a Walmart right off the highway exit you would use for Tommy Barlett's area. 

5. Good Golf Courses nearby
This is a major must for my family but not important to many others.. however, i thought i would include if you were interested.  There are 7 courses around town with over half being par 3 or executive courses and the rest being full 18 hole courses.  Golf Wisconsin has great detail on the 18-hole courses along with some coupons.  Consider using Golfnow as another alternative to finding discount tee times.  Off times normally have the best deals.
Where we will probably end up:  Cold Water Canyon which is right by our hotel. 

Hope this helps some of you as you prepare to hit up the dells.  Swing by the Rev3 Team tent and say hello!


  1. Awesome tips! We made my race into a little vacation, it was so much fun!