Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Leon's Sprint Triathlon Race Review

Packet Pickup:
Leon's requires you to pick up your packet the day before the race in Hammond, IN.  This is inconvenient for most but they make efforts to make the day worth it.  They have lots of vendors that allow you to demo items and/or purchase last minute race day stuff, bike techs and the water is open for practice swims for those of us that like to get into the water before race day.  Made my way over earlier in the morning so I was able to meet up with my Crush teammates and also meet Chris Lieto who was there representing his charity with More than Sport.  After I got my packet which included a the nicest tech tee i have gotten from them (this is my 3rd time doing the race), made my way to the practice swim. Even though I was only going for 1/2 mile, i wanted to get into my new suit in open water.  As i was walking towards the water, Chris gave me some advice on how to put the suit on... nothing like getting tri advice from an Ironman Champ.  Followed his advice and got my suit on and was off with my friend Steph.  We swam a bit together and I did my "check off" that I had tested out the water before race day.   Met up with friends back at the Crush tent and then my way back to the hotel.

First time we stayed at a hotel with Lucy and I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was. She was great and didn't have any issues. 

Race Morning:
Our hotel was about 20 minutes from the race site and transition closed at 7:20.  Set out my stuff the night before and set my alarm for 6:40.  Was on the road by 6:45 and GPS to wolf lake.  It said my ETA was 7:03 which was perfect since I didn't have much to get ready.  That was all fine until i was on 90 and passing the race site and my phone told me "i have arrived at my destination".  Since i am horrible with directions.. it put a bit of a snag in my process and required me to back track, get off on another exit and make my way back.  I literally parked (by creating my own parking spot) and walked into transition around 7:15.  5 minutes was just enough time to lay everything out but not enough time to make sure I had everything and do my mental checklist.  I had to run back into transition twice.. (forgot my wetsuit.. and then realized I was wearing my running shoes)... it was like it was my first time to the dance!

my Crush teammates!!!
loved meeting Lauren... ck her out at
Race Review:
It was an in water start and I jumped in with about 3 minutes to horn.  I lined up on the outside as I tend to swim to the left so figured this would bring me to the first turn well.  All of the sprint went together and everyone was really talkative and excited.  We were off and got into a groove pretty quickly... no freak outs and just happy I didn't get kicked in the face.  Last year, I spent a lot of time with a lady hanging on a buoy for dear life that was later pulled out of the water.. I was happy i didn't have to do the same this year. Around 100 meters in... there was a lady who kept slapping my back when her right hand was coming into the water.  I kept trying to move over but when you are in the water.. who knows if what I thought I was doing was actually happening.. however, the back slaps were getting annoying.  I realized we were swimming about the same pace so i decided to just tuck back and follow her feet.  I normally am not able to do this but was able to stay with her for almost the entire time.  I think her pace was a bit slower than mine but was just happy to be able to catch a draft and really not feel like I was working to hard relative to swimming alone. Out of the water and I saw Scott, Josh, Lucy and my friend James.  Great to hear them cheering for me as I came out of the water.  Made my way over to T1 and got my wetsuit off and I was on my way.

The bike is a cool format where you bike on a closed highway and go back and forth on the highway.  Provides lots of action so you never feel alone and also provided a lot of wind in one direction.  It took me a full mile to feel comfortable.... I made a big mistake of having no water on the bike.  My profile design bottle had mold in it and tossed it 2 weeks ago.  I wasn't super concerned about this race as it was a sprint and one waterbottle was plenty.  However, b/c of the design of my bike, i can't fit a normal 24 oz size water bottle.  My teammates were nice before the race trying to give me bottles but they wont work.. so I went without any and definitely wanted some in the first few miles but managed.  Overall, the bike was fine.. there were some potholes and debris but i didn't flat and was happy about that!  Came in for my one loop and headed to T2 and saw Scott, Josh and Lucy again!

The 5K run was pretty straight forward out and back loop for the sprint.  There was a turnaround that I was waiting for (since I had my garmin on) but i did hear some Oly people turn around by accident.  My paces was slow but i felt good and happy to not be sore.  Saw a bunch of Crush people on the run course which is always nice to see familiar faces.  As I approached the last .5 mile,  a few of us all started pushing each other.  It was nice to work together and no one would let the others slow down.  Came around the turn and to the finish to see the family one more time!

Post race food was great and yummy.  Factor 75 was there to serve some amazing dishes along with some fruit and other goodies.  I had a powerbar on the ride home.. and maybe a coke :)

2014 Tri season has officially arrived! 
Alternative use for a foam roller, let's ignore the poor use of a seatbelt
Love my Pearl Izumi Rev3 Kit!...& my dog


  1. Congrats on your opening race! it was great to finally meet you!