Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rev3 Williamsburg Race Report - Oly Distance

... with a few Game of Thrones references....

In the days leading up the race.. i realized how I needed to plan more for flying to the race than driving.  Normally, when we drive, i pack my tri-bag and then throw any last minute junk in a reusable and it all makes it safely to the race in the back of my car..  This time, I had to do a bit more planning as everything had to be cked for flying. I decided to rent a bike when I got there so didn't have to worry about that.

We ended up cking one bag.. which was filled with all my tri crap (2 wetsuits- neither of which i used), helmet, bike and run shoes, tri bag, waves gear towel, 2 waterbottles, trislide/foggies, my Rev3 Pearl Izumi tri kit, swimsuit for practice swim, flip flops and nutrition (mostly chocolate Powerbar gels.. i have come to love the chocolate ones!)  I think next time, i could put all of this in a carry on. 

Saturday morning, made my way to the swim practice.  I had heard a lot about the swim course and the currents, I was really anxious to get in the water.  When we got there, they said it was 80 degrees and no one had a wetsuit on.. well, no one but me (and maybe 2 other people) as I am someone who likes the extra buoyancy and mental knowledge of the extra buoyancy.  I met up with my fellow Rev3 teammates and it was great to catch up with them as we handed out SBRSport foggies and tri-slided people up. It was great to talk to people about foggies that have never used them and made people try them before they got in the water and talked to them afterwards... and not to my surprise, they said they had no fog and their sub-par spitting was no longer needed.  Really, you can't leave home (for a tri) without it. 

Blue pedicured toes for the race
When it doubt.. tri-slide it out (Andrew and Kate demonstrating)
shimmering up the practice swim
Got in the water and it was warm but great.. Since we were told we would be swimming with the current, i felt more calm.  I have mentioned some of my fears in the past about OWS but I feel like this season hasn't had any major bumps or freakouts.  Once I got my swim on, we made our way to packet pickup at Warhill Sports complex. 

Sunday -- Race Day and Father's Day
Race day was an early wake up call as transition closed at 6:20 and we had to stop at both transitions before go-time.  Rev3 had shuttles but I used the Kesten family shuttle to sherpa me around.  This worked out well and I also heard the shuttles were smooth too.  Scott and Josh were troopers waking up before 5 am.. I am sure this wasn't Scott's Ideal father's day but he played along and was extremely supportive.
Not quite the 36 hole golf day he probably hoped for.. but could have been worse.
Took some pics with my Rev3 Family and made the decision to not wear a wetsuit.  Although they were allowed, they were in the final wave by themselves and with the water being 81, i would be fine without. 
Love my team!

Set myself in the back and got into a rhythm fairly quickly.  I felt good and the water was nice and warm.  The sun was coming over the trees but i made it to the first buoy fairly easy.  Shortly before I hit the second bouy that had us turn into the current... I heard someone asking for help and it happened to be someone i knew.  We flagged over a kayak who came right over and assisted her.  Made sure she was ok and then i resumed my swimming.  That next stretch felt like it took forever.. i think it was a combination of the current, my adrenaline going and pysching myself out a little.  But I made it to the candy corn and a few of us laughed as we tried to get around it.. With the wind and current, it was kindof attacking us and finally one of the guys (which i have NO clue what wave he was from).. kindof held it as we moved around.  Once it I hit that turn, i kept telling myself I was "with current" and went as fast as I could.  Felt good and started sighting to the finish. Scott told me b/c of the current, we all were taking a wide approach to the arch.  It is funny when you are in the water as you loose that perception and I thought I was taking the most direct route and the other people ("who were so far away from me"  -- as in like 50 meters probably)... were so off course and in reality, we both probably were.  But everyone made it in and as we were walking toward the finish, a guy was yelling "where did it go?!  where did it go!?"  He lost his timing chip somehow and couldn't find it.  He was freaking out a little saying "I did all that working for nothing!"  I stopped and help him and found it floating in the water a bit out of his sight.  He was grateful and we ran to T1

Wow.. that wasn't as bad as i thought it would be... just don't smash my head in. 
T1:  It took me a while to get my socks on.. that is all

Since i rented a bike, I knew it would take some time to get into a groove with it. I had only ridden a mile on it to make sure my pedals fit and the seat height was ok. Luckily, I managed quite fine and had a great ride.  There were lots of shade on the ride and never felt overheated.  I figured out the gear shifters within a few miles and managed the rollers.   I enjoyed the loop and felt like many of the roads were empty.  I guess last year, there were some issues with congestion but no sign of that this year.   I used my Selle seat and had no saddle issues which was awesome.  I did catch me talking to myself around mile 18.  I don't know what it is but the quiet of the road makes me feel like i need to give myself motivational talks.. i hardly get this on runs but always have the urge on the bike.  Weird.. i know.. but not quite as weird at Theon... poor guy.
T2:  Came into the second transition feeling good.  Eric (the RD) was there to send me off with smiles.

Run:  Once i transitioned to the run, i felt pretty good and was quickly directed towards the trail for the run.  It was a two loop course for the oly that was about 2 miles in the trail and 1 mile on the pavement. I am pretty sure the trail portion was the multiuse trail on this map. (here is some info about it HERE) I really loved the trail portion of the race as I like variety and SHADE.  I have come to learn that my body isn't a huge fan of direct heat for long periods of time so the shady trail was perfect for me.

I had to make sure I watched my footing as i have been known to drag my feet when i run and have tripped over my own two feet too many times to count.  The trail had undulations but nothing too crazy with the crushed limestone. So, for someone worried about pace, I don't believe this trail would impact you. I kept an 11:37 pace and I felt great the entire time.  I chatted with a few people (teammate tracey and the guy that lost his timing chip) and we stayed together for the last 2 miles of the race which was great.  Wrapped around the corner to see the finishers chute and Josh waiting for me.  Scott was snapping pics and josh was clapping and ready to go. Loved crossing the finish line with J and was quickly medaled and given a cold towel and headsweats finishers visor. 

Such a great race.. love Rev3 and all my sponsors (Rev3, Powerbar, Pearl Izumi, SBRSports, Waves Gear, Polar Bottle, Sole Socks, Headsweats & Enduropacks).... i seriously love racing and you (and my family) make that possible. 
Pic with the Big cheese, Charlie!

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