Saturday, May 31, 2014

Run or Dye 5K

Was given free registration for this race through Chicago Running Bloggers.  We did it last year and couldn't pass up a free fun run with Josh.  The race was similar format from last year.  Line up, run through the parking lot for about 2 miles and then a street for a mile.  People really love the race.. love getting "dyed" and most importantly, love taking colorful pics!!

They do a great job at creating a fun environment but the waiting to go off takes so long... it might be nice to consider assigning people to waves.  i.e. 9 am, 9:30, 10am.  although some people might not follow these rules, enough of the people would which would decrease the time you stand around waiting to run.  It is kindof a bummer to wait longer than it takes to run.

But, we did get some great pics like we did last year and josh had a blast.. so fun run.. success!
Josh napping on the way to the race

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