Monday, June 9, 2014

Totally Awesome 80's Race Review

Signed up for this race a while back. Wanted to support Colleen the RD, run with my friends and always love to an excuse to get down in the city during the summer.  Jen got my packet at the Road Runner and we met up that night.  We joked that I am actually a 90's kid (being born in 1980).  I also realized that my shirt, although 80's to me, didn't quite look obvious enough and as I was on the train going downtown... i got a few looks as in "you really choose that shirt?!"

Once i met up with Scott, we made our way to the race site.  People's outfits were awesome and the race shirt was bright green which made for a fun looking group of runners.  They blasted 80's music and we were off right on time.  The course was like a bubble letter J, running along the lakefront.  The weather was perfect and felt good. They had one aid station and great energy at the finish.

Race was executed very well and you got a medal!  I went at my usual pace and enjoyed some of the post race music before heading out to get J to sleep after cub scout camp!

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