Monday, July 28, 2014

Glenview Triathlon Race Review - 2014

Another year back at my neighborhood tri and again, it did not disappoint.

Nicole Kesten


  2:08.4 5 33:38.4 17.8mph 1:38.2 11 34:23.5 11:05/M 1:17:41.0
Swim: 5:52
T1: 2:08
Bike: 33:38 (17.8 mph)
T2: 1:38
Run: 34:23 (11:05 min/mile)

This race is perfect for newbies and experienced alike.  For experienced racers, it is an opportunity to go fast and have a great short race without a lot of fan fare (you can ck in race day and park within a few hundred feet of transition) and for newbies it is great to get your "toes wet" with your first tri. (pool swim, not a lot of fanfare)  but a great course, great support and well run. 

The pool swim is in 6 lanes of the Glenview Rec Center Pool (12 lengths).  They have you seed yourself by time and most people do a good job at putting themselves where they should.  The race officially starts at 6:30 but some people do not get into the pool till 8:00ish. This can provide a lot of waiting around BUT it is really nice to have the pool flowing and no clog ups. I seeded myself with the "just under 6 minutes" swim people and passed one person and was passed by one.  With my time at 5:52, i was seeded perfectly and felt great getting out of the water.

The bike is a 2 loop 10 mile course with a combination of closed roads and quiet residential streets. Even with a back hiccup a few weeks ago, i felt good on the bike and didn't have an issue in aero position.  I kept up with a few people and felt like I was at a good pace.  Considering I only had my cheapo Garmin, I wasn't quite sure but got into T2 with an overall time of 43 minutes-ish so knew I was doing ok. (ended up with a 17.8 MPH pace).  Transitioned to the run and knew I wanted to take it slower for a few reasons... but mainly b/c of my back.  I didn't want to push it and especially being on the bike for the first time in a few weeks, i didn't know how my muscles and SI joints were going to relax.  Luckily, all went great.  I forced myself to stretch twice on the course and ended with a 34:23 5K.  Compared to my 31 minute 5K last year, definitely slower but planned slower so i was happy about that.  Crossed the finish line pain free and only a minute slower than last year.  Considering I was 3:23 seconds slower on the run, I was happy with my time.  Got medaled and then saw Tia run in PR'ing the distance.

Visited all the vendors as they had a great post race set up including my chiro and trainer.  Right after the raffle, they said that Jesse (a paratriathlete) was finishing up the course.  My crush teammate, Kelly, was running alongside him and helping him finish his first race as a paratriathlete (he recently was paralyzed 4 mths ago and was determined to finish this tri.)  As everyone was clumping around the finish line, i biked over a quarter mile from the finish to see them trucking.  He was definitely tired but pushing along.  To say it was inspiring and emotional was an understatement.  It is amazing how powerful watching someone push themselves to their limits can be esp when faced with adversity.  Congrats to all of the finishers that day and especially Jesse!

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