Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rev3 Dells Race Report

Short Version:  Back to back traveling oly tris will lead to a much slower second race and if you take too long your child's first words to you will be "what took you so long?!"

Long Version:  Was excited to see the Rev3 crew for an encore Oly weekend in the Dells.  Coming off of Williamsburg, i was excited to continue that momentum. We drove up to the Dells Friday afternoon and got to Chula Vista around 3 pm.  Had dinner with Rev3 Staff, hit a few waterslides and feel asleep before 10.

The next morning, went to the practice swim, handed out SBR Products, swam and then participated in the wetsuit stripping contest.  I am still waiting to see the footage but i am sure it will be gloriously horrible of my trying to fumble trying to get my suit off with lots of parts of my body shaking and jiggling that shouldn't be.... but somehow got 2nd. Blue Seventy also sponsored the "worst wetsuit contest" which was hilarious. The guy in the purple won. 
Racked my bike and did some shopping at the Rev3 Store after the race meeting at the expo. Although I would have liked to stay off my feet after this, Josh was dying to go to the waterpark and Scott was studying so I took him.  Countless steps were taken as we went on so many slides. I was happy to be in bed by 10 again.  

Got to the site with plenty of time to set up my transition and get a practice swim in.  Enjoyed the pre-race show (courtesy of Tommy Bartlett) which was a welcomed distraction before the race. Took some pictures with friends and we started lining up for the time trial start. 
Time trial swim allowed me to get into a groove pretty easy.  The water was calm and the temp was perfect.  I got out to the turn around pretty easy but then could feel myself getting out of a groove on the way back.  I am not sure what it was.. but I felt less efficient in the water and could feel I was slowing.  But I kept plugging along and was running up the hill before i knew it.

wisonsin dells   bike oly elevation Elevation Charts
I was preparing for it to be a hilly ride and remembered it being hilly in 2012. However, even with those thoughts in mind.. i forgot how challenging the course was. I honestly felt blah the entire time.  I had some major stomach cramping and I am strongly considering my fit on my tri bike.  I felt great on the road bike I rode in Williamsburg and considering using it more as i am slow enough to not really take advantage of the extra power i can get in aero.   a Rev3 team member recently posted about how woman were discouraged to ride bikes in fear of Bicycle Face.  I think this is one of the reasons I am not fond of my bike as much as I should... ignore the fact this disease was fictitious! 
 They were probably still faster than me    -Getty Images

The run had changed from 2 years ago when i did this race.  It used to be through the downtown area with no shade and lots of tourists giving you looks like you are crazy.... But, the new course featured SOME shade, more scenic route and again, lots of hills.

Started off the run and the tummy was still bugging me.  I walked for a few minutes, gave myself a pep talk and got going... Slowly.  The run was a 1 loop hilly course that had lots of undulations.  The first aid station that was up the hill i just biked down was amazing.  They were having such a great time and gave off great energy.  At that station, I joined two men that were struggling a bit.  We talked and chatted and agreed to play frogger with each other (definition of triathlon frogger:  everyone does a run/walk bit but the general idea is for each of you to stay somewhat close to each other and not drop anyone).  We were able to maintain that till the next aid station and then they had to stop and walk more so i continued on.  Had some Embrace the Suck and Love the Process moments during the race but loved seeing so many people I knew on the race.  Eric (Rev3's RD) was at the top of the hill to provide my encouragement and then there was the time that the eventual half winner (Ryan G) zoomed by me and patted me on the back to keep it up (it might have felt like i was going backwards with how strong/fast and calm he looked.)  Saw lots of other friends along the course which kept it fun!

Josh and Scott ran to the finish line with me.. This was a first as Scott is normally schlepping a ton of stuff and just sends J.... but it was awesome to run with all of them through the finish. Josh's first words to me were "what took you so long" ... thanks buddy.  I said we should jump but josh didn't want to.. and as you can see by the picture.. he refused.  I am coming down from my 2 inch vertical jump and Scott is still making his way up.  Nonetheless, love these shots and so happy for the free finisher photos!

Met up with my Rev3 teammates, all of whom podium-ed and got a cool interlocking medal!  Love my teammates.. such rockstars!

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