Wednesday, August 20, 2014

IronGirl Pleasant Prairie Race Report

Short Version: 
Thanks Lana!!

Another sprint tri in the books.  My back has been feeling good and was ready to race IronGirl this past weekend.  The race is up in Pleasant Prairie on the same exits as the outlets right after you cross the Illinois/Wisconsin Border on 94.  (Anyone that has driven this stretch knows what I am talking about)

Pre Race:  Got to transition early and was about to walk out when they announced it might not be wetsuit legal.  As someone who loves their wetsuit and would prefer wearing it, i waited till they made their final decision (which was NO wetsuits unless you wanted to be in the wetsuit only wave.  Decided to forgo the wetsuit and made my way over to the start. A friend from Crush wished me off which was awesome considering I had about 45 minutes to kill before my wave started. 

The swim is a Point to Point swim that is 1/2 Mile across the lake and directly into the sun.  As someone who isn't the best at sighting, this can be daunting but I decided i was would use the sun as my sight point and it ended up working pretty well. Got out of the water feeling good and ready to run to Transition... 

Made a quick transition and onto the bike.  The bike is pretty simple and decent roads.  I felt like I got into a groove quickly and played frogger with a few ladies.  There was one though that drove me crazy for a good 4 miles.  She kept riding right in the middle and when i tried to pass her, she would pull more to the left and then when i passed, she huffed at me.  Then she would speed up only to slow down later.  We had to exchange "leads" at least 5 times and it was quite frustrating.  I eventually just decided to peddle as fast as i could for the last 2 miles and got away from her.  It was well worth it as i don't like being stressed on the bike.

Back to T2 and a quick change and the run.  Even though running is probably my most comfortable discipline, i have been very cautious with my back. I kept a decent (for me) pace and high fived lots of people along the course.  There was a lot of comradery out on the run course (like there was last year) and I really enjoy that.  Stuck with one lady for the last mile and we were cheering each other on. 

Crossed the finish line and realized I PR'ed the course and distance by 30 seconds (as I PR'ed the distance last year at Irongirl. Was happy and weather was perfect.  Was medaled, grabbed a breakfast burrito and was on my way.  My second biggest accomplishment other than the PR was finding my car with no issues.  Great race, great energy!


  1. Awesome job!!! Congrats on your shiny new PR :)

  2. Yay PR! That woman on the bike sounds frustrating!