Friday, August 8, 2014

Zooma Half Marathon Race Report

Last weekend, i ran the Chicago Zooma Half and had a great time with my running bestie and sister in law who flew into town from Utah.  Tia and Lani's friendship was how i originally met Tia so it was great to all run together. The race started on the south side (31st-ish street) and they asked that people take shuttles from downtown to the start.  We opted to drive and lucked out with super easy parking right near the start.
Pre Race PowerGel (PowerBar for later) and some super watered down cranberry juice.
Mandatory Pre Race Pic
I signed up and paid for the half but b/c of my back problems, i wasn't sure if the half was the in the cards and planned to do the 10K and if i felt good enough, i could push through for the half b/c of the way the course was set up.  (It was an out and back for the 10K and then another out and back for the half with the midway point being the start and finish area so I could make up my mind later)

There wasn't a ton of people at the race but enough to have some congestion in the beginning. I ran with Lani the entire way.  As we approached the 10K finish.. i decided to cross the finish line in case i wasn't feeling the half.  My back at that point was fine but i just didn't know how another 7 miles would make it feel.  I have come to realize that my tight feet muscles cause a chain reaction to seize up my back muscles and not cause nerve pain .. but pain enough to not want to run... wasn't going to risk it and would drop.  We decided to do a run/walk for the second half which made it so i could finish.  The second half of the course was a "standard lakefront" course with beautiful views of the city and a turnaround at 63rd street. We made our way back run/walking and clipped away as we caught up with life.

Since I don't see Lani often (maybe 1-2/yr), it was great to catch up with her while doing something i love.  I deferred crossing the half finish but ran up next to the arch to catch her finishing strong!  The post race party had a band playing and box lunches with a vege sandwich and some chips.  While we waited for Tia and her friends to come in, we rolled out on foam rollers and visited some of the booths. Cute post race set up and it was a nice day to just sit and chill.  After Tia came in, we hit up breakfast, showered, and took naps!  Perfect Saturday morning!!!

All of us in mid jump... awesome. 

I might have gotten a 2 donuts from these guys

Love this city
Lani finishing!

Tia finishing!

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