Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rev3 Cedar Point Kids Triathlon

My son just completed his first triathlon at Cedar Point!  Rev3 has incorporated the kids triathlon series (AKA The Revvie) into their weekend events which gives kids an opportunity to be like mom/dad/other family member and swim.bike.run!

Rev3 has two sets of distances for kids depending on their age.
Ages 7-10: 
  • 75 yd swim
  • 2 mi bike
  • .75mi run
Ages 11-14: 
  • 150 yd swim
  • 4 mi bike
  • 1.5mi run
With Josh being 9, i felt confident he would be able to do these distances pretty easily. When I first asked josh about doing the race I wasn't sure he would say yes, but he surprised me and jumped on board.. that was back in January... so, the only thing we needed to master was riding a bike.. Sadly, my 9 year old still hadn't mastered it.  I blame it on condo living and having no real place to practice.  But, since we moved to a house in February, Josh quickly mastered the bike within a few hours of riding on our street.  I did 2-3 brick workouts with him and practiced swimming 75 meters continuously and he was ready!

Race Morning:  Scott and I were doing the sprint so my parents got him ready for the race (getting timing chip and setting up transition).  We crossed the finish line in time to hear the pre-race talk and get josh all set.  He was pretty calm and didn't show any jitters.  The kids lined up and then they were off! 

Heading out into the water
The swim portion was in waist deep water which made for most of the kids (including josh) running through the water but for beginners at this age, made it safe and avoided any of the children having OW panic attacks.  There were also like 10 volunteers/lifeguards in the water which made for perfect conditions for the kids.

Josh was in go-mode when he came out of the water.  I chuckled to watch him try to pull off his swim cap as he tried to pull it off by pulling it from the top of his head.  He worked on that thing the entire way up the hill and finally popped it off!

Then, onto the bike.  For having a smaller BMX type bike, he managed to average 10 MPH for 2 miles and his little feet were going like he was in a hamster wheel. 

Hamster Wheel
He then finished strong on the run and managed to get 2nd in his AG. He got some awesome hardware and I think he was really proud of his accomplishments.  He also informed us that he needed a new bike.... spoken like a true triathlete.  For it being Josh's first Reevie, I was really proud of him and thought Rev3 did an awesome job creating a safe course for the kids with a "big feel" experience.  He was able to run through the finishers chute for his own race, get body marked, rack his bike in the same transition and got the same type of medal we did.  He loved it!

The post race- daze

Next Up  --> Sprint Tri report, Scott's first tri!

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