Monday, September 8, 2014

Rev3 Glow Run Cedar Point

Just got back from a fun and whirlwind weekend at Cedar Point. Originally, I planned to do the half iron but as I have been dealing with back issues all spring and summer, I opted for a easier weekend which included:  Glow Run Friday, Sprint Tri Saturday (Josh did kids tri) and then 1.2 mile swim on the half relay Sunday.  It proved to be an awesome and tiring weekend.

Friday --> we got cked into our hotel and then grabbed some food before making our way over to the glow run.  It starts right at the park entrance and pending the distance, you either run 1 mile or 5K through the park.  It was awesome to be able to run through an empty park but things were all lit up for us.  The course was well marked and easy to follow.  As we were in the car for 5+ hours prior, we opted for a 1 mile shake out run.  Sean (The MC for the weekend), got the crowd going before we took off.  The crowd had a great variety of people.  Some there for the race but many there just for the experience of a glow run which was awesome. 

Tia and I ran through the park, snapping pics along the way!  The mile went quick and we crossed the finish line dancing and they had lots of gatorade and water at the finish.  Afterwards, they had a little dance party and then families could watch Frozen.  We finished just in time for the storms to roll through.  Next write up --> Sprint Tri with Scott on Saturday!

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