Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Tri Season ... that's a wrap!

Well, my friends... 2014 tri season comes to an end and what an amazing season it has been.  8 triathlons over 5 states (IL, IN, WI, OH, VA) this past summer. Even with all the back issues I had, this season was my favorite thus far.  Seeing my Rev3 teammates at the races and having amazing support beyond my little family .. even 900 miles away... to racing with my local friends and Crush Multisport teammates was simply the best!  I also continued to maintain and grateful for over 100,000 page views since I started it less than 18 mths ago.  Yet another group of amazing and awesome athletes to call my friends!

Some fav photos this year
Cedar Point - Photo Cred:  Les Schreiber
Dells Love
Crush peeps at Leon's
Jen at Ride2Recovery
Running and Tri Bestie Tia

Best Support Crew out there!

I am already planning out my calendar:  Challenge AC (70.3), Challenge Poconos (Oly), Challenge New Albany (Oly), Glenview Tri, probably Chicago Tri, High Cliffs and hopefully a Rev3 Rush event.  For those that know me beyond this blog, you know that another child has been on our radar for a long time but after some failed medicated attempts this year, I think we need to take some time off.  The reality is we might be a one and done family and frankly.. I am ok with that... at the moment :)

As the off season approaches, Rev3/Challenge Age Group Team are taking applications for next year.  With the merger of Challenge and Rev3, next year will be an epic race season!  Around July 4th, one of my Rev3 teammates started a thread on Google Groups about the 10 things we love about Rev3 AG Team.  Answers ranged from very serious (team members supporting others through death of loved ones, illness, divorce) to hilarious (shimmer love, crazy parties, etc).... I wanted to share with you some of my answers as they are the best way to describe why i love this team and why you would love to be part of it too! 
  • Quickly realizing after talking to Carole (Rev3 Employee in charge of the AG team) on the phone how much she truly loves this team beyond words.  Who ever came up with the term Mama Bear was spot on. 
  • "Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." - Brad Henry. The team is truly a family.  I have seen this in so many ways in my few short months of being part of this group.  
  • Being at summit and seeing the passion Charlie has for his company and the rest of the amazing and dedicated staff. 
  • That Rev3's consumer is not just the athlete.  I have always felt that since my first race in 2011 but see it more and more every time i am around the group 
  • Having people recognize me at local races and say "i saw there was an Asian in Chicago that made the team.. you are her aren't you"  .. that exchange has happened 3 times this year.. almost verbatim. 
  • .... finally, a bit of a confession.... Carole gave me a disclaimer during the interview process that the team could be rowdy, liked to swear a lot and drink a lot and if I would be ok with that being a Mormon.  I said yes as most of my closest friends aren't members, a little crazy and make fun of me for joining my church when i was 21... (with love) However, I was a bit nervous at how this would translate to a team that doesn't see each other often and I might be tagged as the Lame-o that always is with her family at races, doesn't party and might not be able to really develop the relationships with others that I have been afforded with my close friends b/c of limited time to build a bond. But Summit and the 2 races I have attended have really made it clear that my worries were for nothing.  This team opens its arms to everyone that is on it and I have loved my friendships with you.  This means more than you know.  I am proud to be a Rev3 Team Member after my third year of applying. Each spot on this team is a coveted by many triathletes and feel lucky to be a part of it.  Have a great 4th everyone.  We will be celebrating going to see Dave Matthews and decided to bring our kid.  I traveled a summer in college following him around the country and we decided to relive our younger years and bringing a 9 year old will help us fit into the average age of the crowd. Love, Nic

So cheers to the end of my 2014 tri season... and bring on NYCMarathon !

“It’s a great advantage not to drink among hard drinking people.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

... i am not sure when this was said during the book.. maybe Nick Carroway 
said it but i thought it fit well with the Gif image :) and my crazy awesome team

Love my team.. apply today!   

Also, i would be remiss to not thank my amazing sponsors that help get me through the entire season!  
Rev3, Pearl Izumi, Powerbar, SBRSports, Headsweats
Blueseventy, WavesGear, Sole Socks & Polar Bottle!

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