Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rev3 Cedar Point Sprint Race Report

Well, Scott did it!  He completed his first triathlon and made good on a bet he made last October when I applied to be on the Rev3 AG team.  As I was submitting my application, I said "if i make this team, you do a tri"...and Scott gave me a high five and agreed.  Both of us deep down, thought this was a long shot and didn't think this chip would be cashed... BUT, I MADE THE TEAM!  and Scott now was on the hook.
.... so does Scott, he also needed plastic too for registration fees :)

Leading up to the race, I kept trying to get Scott to train... as training is usually a good thing to do before the race.  His training log included:  one trip to the pool to verify his googles didn't leak and maybe 300 meters of swimming and a few times around the block on a borrowed Felt Bike and some runs.   He also got some tri shorts but complained about the "diaper" inside... however, he ended up appreciating the diaper/chamois during the bike :) 

Race Day:  
Bikes were racked the night before and we both made our way over to transition to get things set up.  It was dark but Rev had lights on transition so no head lamp was needed.  We set up our areas and then made our way down to the water with Tia and my teammates.  As we waited for the race to start, i realized that our mirrored goggle options weren't the best choice as the sun wasn't going to come out of the clouds and the water was dark.  But, too late.. and Scott was already making his way into the water for the mens wave (women went 5 min later). At this point I was nervous for Scott but thankful the waters were calm and there were a ton of SUP and kayakers out there to monitor the route.  I went off 5 minutes after Scott and made me way along at a slow place.  I went slow and stayed with a few ladies that were struggling for a bit (as I was deep down hoping I would find Scott along the course).  I got out of the water and didn't see him.  Later he would tell me the swim was pretty rough and he did a lot of backstroke due to difficulty breathing and water getting in the goggles. Don't feel too sorry for him as his outcome is pretty appropriate for his training methods (i.e. one 300 M swim in a pool!)

Made my way to transition to see his bike was still there.  I took my sweet time getting my socks on (hoping i would see him) and after a few minutes, decided to take off.  As I was walking out of transition, I saw him plopping out of the water... he made it!  I ran over to that area and yelled at him.  He made his way to his bike and started getting his stuff together and told me to take off as he wasn't in any rush.  So, i left and right as we got onto the main road, I stopped and waited for him there.  I talked with the two cops directing traffic along with the volunteer.  A few minutes later Scott came around the corner, he laughed I was waiting for him and I hopped on the bike and we were off.  He managed to hold a 15MPH pace and considering it rained on us most of the time and he was peddling off of Look pedals with sneakers... i thought he did well.  I stayed within a hundred feet of him (NO Drafting for me as 1. it is illegal and 2. the conditions were scary, i wasn't getting too close to Scott in fear of us both wiping out and 3. do i really know how to draft?

As we were making out way back to transition, the rain really started coming down and I thought that Scott was probably hating me by now... Once we transitioned to the run, he was hurting.  The run was along the boardwalk which was scenic and then a bit of stretch through the parking lots.  We did a walk/run and many of my teammates were working the race.  It was awesome to see so many people I know on the course.  Loved the cheers and encouragement.  At one point we were walking and my teammates rolled up next to us and started screaming at us to move it!  It was pretty awesome and Scott picked up the pace.. till they were out of sight and started walking :)

Crossed the finish line together and got some great pics.  One of my slowest sprint tris but probably will be the most memorable.  I honestly am not sure if Scott will do another so I will savor this moment and we can talk about "that one time Scott did a tri" for many years.

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