Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Skokie Backlot Dash Race Report

For all the years we have lived in Skokie and I have been part of the running community, i have yet to participate in the Skokie BackLot 5K Dash.  I had seen some flyers and went to sign up during packet pickup but they told me i had to do it race day... at this point, i thought i might skip it but the night before Josh said he wanted to do it.

So, this morning came around and after it being his first week of school and football every night, josh had no interest in waking up and thought we were not going to do it but he rolled out of bed and was ready to go.  Drove a whole 1.5 miles to the race start, got out of our car and BAM... hit was sticky/crazy humidity.  Definitely the worst we have had all summer.  As we got over to the race area, I tried to convince him to do the kids dash but he wasn't taking it... "i wanna do the 5K... not doing the little kids dash"... fine, so we both signed up for the race and I was going to take Lucy in tow.  Josh lined up in the front while I stayed in the back with Lucy.  Didn't know how she would do with all the participants and shortened up my Kurgo leash so she couldn't go too far. 

The race course was simple, well marked and had 2 aid stations.  Normally for a 5K, you don't need 2 but it was super hot and I was happy to take in any liquids I could.  Josh took off and I went slow as I had Lucy and it was hot.  We stopped at every aid station and Lucy took in hydration at both courses.  We crossed to see Josh at the finish and they announced Lucy was the first canine finisher.  Everyone loved giving her pats and Josh was drenched with sweat.  We came home, showered and took naps.  Happy to support Skokie and look forward to next year!

ps.  The race goodie bag gave you 2 waterbottles (one regular and one of those collapsible ones) and the shirt was a soft unisex dark grey (a favorite color of mine).

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