Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Team Rev3-Lay - Cedar Point 70.3 relay

My bike leg relay-er and Rev3 Teammate Rachel wrote an awesome race report about the race which is much better than mine will be.  You can find it here and if you want to still read on.. here is my write up.

Originally, i planned to do the 70.3 but due to some nagging back issues, i was very nervous about it.. specifically the 56 miles on the bike as that position has a tendency to really bother my back and I hadn't been training for the bike as much as I should.... so when my Rev3 teammate asked if anyone wanted to do a relay, i jumped on it!  We had a bit of change with our team but it ended up being three Rev3 Ladies and they were the best!  I did the swim, Rachel did the bike and Laura ran us home!
Awesome pic of my teammates from Sarah's dad!

My leg in a nutshell was:  Rough! 
We walked out to the starting bouy and although most were able to touch, I wasn't.  Blame it on being 5' tall and in a little hole i guess.  The waves were rolling us to and fro and I was just trying to relax and stay calm.  My zen moment lasted a whole 3 seconds and then panic set up.  The fast ladies got going and I was left to trying to navigate over the swells without freaking out.  Within the first 25 meters, i knew this was going to be a long day at the office. I kept thinking.. let me get to the turn bouy and it will be better.  Perhaps this logic was good b/c if I knew it was going to be rough the entire 1.2 miles, i don't know if i would have finished.  I had a few times where i popped up to catch my breath and a wave would hit my face and get up my nose.  I would cough a few times, wonder why i was doing this and then start up again.

This pathetic attempt at "swimming" lasted for 1.45 miles (what my Garmin said I swam- as i subtracted the .2 of running to transition i did from the 1.65 total).  I had to hold onto a kayaker a few times and they were amazing and supportive.  I have to say, i don't know if i would have finished if it had not been for my teammates waiting for me.  i saw a lot of people quit/tap out.  I found myself envious everytime I heard someone yelling for a boat but also at the same time.. nervous if i was going to finish.  But, I kept plugging along.. slowly... Swimming this time around was defined as:  front crawl, breast stroke and some doggy paddle.  Again, not my finest hour but I was so happy to finish.

The portion parallel to shore was actually just as difficult as breathing would bring you up and down on swells and sometimes I would slam into the water mid breath.  I even had my wetsuit unzip around the halfway point.  i asked a kayaker to pull it up and he said I was the second person that he had to help with a falling wetsuit.  I made the turn to the shore and just tried to go as fast as i could... which wasn't very fast but faster than the other two stretches.
Stolen from Rachel's blog
Exited the water and ran to transition to hear Rachel and Laura cheering me on.  They were so positive and awesome.  Laura switched our timing chip and the girls took over.  Rachel and Laura rocked their legs.  3 hours for Rachel on and a PR for Laura (1:41).   My teammates were awesome and definitely made up for my lame time.  Rachel and I waited for for Laura to come in and we crossed the line together.  Loved my first relay experience even with a rough swim.  It was fun to take in the entire event without taking on all 3 sports.  Definitely consider a relay if you are interested in checking out triathlons. 
Team Rev3-Lay