Wednesday, October 1, 2014

North Shore Triathlon Race Report

And with the completion of the North Shore Triathlon Distance (Swim: 500m Bike: 20k Run: 5k), my 2014 tri season is over.  The race was a sprint in Wilmette, IL (a neighboring city).  It was a sprint tri with packet pickup at Precision Multisport's new location in Wilmette (all within 10 minutes of my house).  It was easy and they had a good assembly line going.  I did tweet this while i was getting my packet and wonder what ever happened to that lady. 
Race morning, woke up to cold weather and was kindof dreading the swim.  USAT cutoff is 51 degrees and I was told water was 54 so the swim was on!  As much as I was not excited about the cold water, I also didnt want to do a dualthon so I didn't whine to anyone but myself.. in my head.. over and over. Saw Jen and Karis that morning and hung out with them before the start. Transition was kindof mess b/c of rain/cold and it was muddy and our feet were freezing. Nothing the race could do.. but next year, i will plan to bring a pair of 99cent flip flops to wear before the start. 

Swim:  Straightforward swim parallel to the beach.  You could not touch but it wasn't very far out there.  It is a great swim for spectators as they can literally follow you the entire way.  The water was so cold, I struggled  for the first bit and hated the cold water in the my right ear when i went to breath.  I thought briefly about the movie Titanic and proceeded to get annoyed about the floating door.  (I saw that movie like 3 times my senior year.. why couldnt Rose share?!?!)
There seriously isn't room Jack....
Oh yes there was!
Anyways-- back to the race, existed the water, got to messy T1 and attempted to warm up. It was a slow time in there and everyone was struggling.  Struggling to get wetsuits off, socks on, bend over while trying not to get overly muddy. I brought a trash bag and tried to stand/sit on that while i changed.  For those that bring buckets to transition, today would have been your day of glory!

Bike - 2 loop course where I just tried to get warm the first loop.  Didn't feel great the entire bike but the course was nice, lots of volunteers and even with the two loops, there wasn't a lot of congestion. The roads were in decent shape and the time seemed to pass at a decent rate.  There were spectators out which was nice. My Pearl Izumi Jacket was keeping me warm as the liner in the jacket trapped most of my body heat so I was ready to shed it for the run.

Run- Another slow transition.  Opted for gloves and started running to find that i couldn't feel my toes which led to a funny sensation for the first mile.  The run had some small out and backs which was great to see lots of people out on the course. The tingling and cold splinter feeling is so weird as your toes regain blood and feeling.  Had fun on the run and gave a lot of high fives.  Kept a 10:21 pace and it was probably the best I felt all day.  Crossed the finish line strong and my family was waiting for me!

Got warmed up and then proceeded to put all my stuff in trash bags.  It was about as classy as you imagine but with everything so muddy, it worked well.  Loved being able to participate in my "backyard" race.   I will be back esp after hearing it will be moved to August!

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