Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Perfect 10 Race Review

Perfect 10?? More like a solid 7.  I have done this race 4 years in a row which I think makes it every year it has been in production. 
Here are the pros and cons for this race in a nutshell:

  • The medal is a cool spinner
  • Timing is great as it is after marathons and before it gets to cold
  • Price is normally right
  • You can pick up packet same day and wait inside before the race
  • Lakefront/City views  --- can never beat that
  • For beer drinkers, you get a freebie afterwards along with Powerbars

  • They promised a tri-blend shirt and we were given a 100% cotton shirt. I know this shouldn't bother me but this race has had issues with shirts (i.e. saying you were getting a "hoodie" and really getting a long sleeve shirt with a weird un-needed hood and having sizing so off for the shirts, they ordered new ones and mailed them to people).  I personally like the first years shirt the best and it was unisex. 
  • For people driving into the city, parking is $19
  • They start the 10K before the 10Miler so slow pokes like me have to deal with the fast people coming up behind you.  I try to be a conscientious runner and stay on the right side but there are so many that dont, the fast runners are forced to dodge and weave through you so they are coming from all directions.  I feel like races that have this happen need to do a better job educating runners.  I know it is common sense but b/c many runners didn't display that, it made the faster runners go all over the place. 
  • They do NOT give you McGriddles anymore... you can decide if this is a pro or con to you.. but con for me
Obviously, my actions speak louder than my words as I don't love this race but keep coming back.  For me, the timing of the year is what wins me over.  I like it as my last longer run outside for a race for the year before Chicago freezes over!  Will I be back... I would say my chances are a solid 7/10 :)

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