Monday, January 26, 2015

F^3 5K Race Review

First race of 2015 is in the books! Thankful to not miss it and so grateful I am starting to feel better.  6 full weeks of the plague and still having residuals (i.e. wet hacking cough and can't take super deep breaths).  But, this morning I was able to make it for 3.1 Miles.  Wore a few layers for the race (Challenge Family shirt, trusty Lulu Define jacket and my warm running tights along with my Headsweats hat).  Also, opted for pig tails b/c of the Headsweats hat.. Nice alternative for ladies to avoid dealing with a low pony that can make the hat ride up. Headsweats also has a women's line in winter hats that has a pony tail hole!

Packet pickup was conveniently located around the Chicagoland area and got my packet at Road Runner right by my house.  Easy Peasy

This year, they moved the race to Solider Field and had pre/post race festivities in the United Club.  Parking was $20 but having the United Club be the hub was super nice.   The weather actually was beautiful (Compared to the super cold weather last year when i did the half) so it would have been tolerable being outside but indoor bathrooms and 72 room temp before the race was nice. Picked up Tia around 9:30 in Lincoln Park, had a Peanut Butter Powerbar for breakfast and we were walking into the United Club around 10 for a 10:20 5K start.

This was a great addition from last year.  Also happy they added the 5K.  With it soooo cold last year, i couldn't commit to a half and happy i didn't (b/c I am still getting over my sickly december)

RACE:  As they moved the venue, the half was a diff course and this was the first year for the 5K.  The layout and timing was good for the 5K'ers as there was a no overlap with the half-ers and the fast people didn't come nipping at our heels as we were approaching the finish (this phenomenon is annoying to both parties and happy we didn't have to deal with it this time.)

The course looped around the stadium and then down the lakefront path and back.  You did cross over the finish line at one point which was our only water but it looked like it was finisher hydration so i didn't take it.  Thankfully, i didn't need as many fluids b/c of the cold temps.  Tia and I kept a really slow but steady speed.  The views were pretty as always and I loved the clouds.

We finished and were given some hot chocolate and some sponsor snacks.  We made our way back to the United club to warm up and enjoy the post race events.  As a non-alcohol drinker, gave my drink coupon away but still enjoyed visiting with the sponsor tents in the warmth!

I really liked the change in venue but can't speak for the half experience but i assume b/c the weather was better, they had to enjoy it more than last year regardless. I will be back next year..jury is still out if for the half or 5k :)


  1. Great pictures. It was almost ideal conditions for a race in January!

  2. I'm sad we missed seeing each other! Glad to hear you had a good time!