Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year in Review --- Endurance Edition

January- F3 Half Marathon - the coldest half ever.. Will pass on the half this year but coming back for the 5K!

February - Got a Dog and House on same day.. too awesome to not be Feb highlight

March- Rev3 Summit with my awesome teammates

May - 5K with girls in my office.  Fun Glo Run with the Glo-comas
June- Leon's triathlon and meeting Chris Lieto

July- Hit and Run 5K with some of my favorite running family

August - Zooma half marathon with Tia (#runningbestie) and Lani!
September - Rev3 Cedar Point with the fam.  Josh got 2nd in his AG and Scott and I did sprint and I swam in 70.3 relay

October - Another fun work 5K
November - NYC Marathon --- dream come true
December - Not much activity going on (Influenza x2 + pneumonia)  Missed 2 races.  Ready to bring on 2015!

Even though i struggled with back issues the majority of the summer and ended with a month long illness, there were a lot of positive points and i was able to still do a lot of what i love... race!    This coming year I am looking forward to a great and healthy year.

Things I am looking forward to this coming year:
1. Being part of the Challenge Triathlon Team this coming year and seeing my teammies next weekend in Florida!  Cannot wait the synergy this year is going to bring with Rev3 and Challenge joining forces to bring an amazing family event to North America.  If you are racing in any of the N America events (minus the Cali Races), email me for a discount code and/or any questions you might have about the race series!   I am definitely racing: Atlantic City, Cedar Point and choosing between Knox/Quassy/Florida... i want to race all of them but the dear husband and bank account are shaking their head at me!

2. Having a coach for the first time ever.  This will be very new to me as i am used to just kindof winging it with my seasons.  For those who know me out of the triathlon/running, this is very different than my usual OCD/numbers mentality but I believe it provides balance in my life.  But.... with that said, i am ready for a bit more structure to feel more prepared come race day.  Excited to see where Tony will take me!
3.Got a new-to-me bike and excited to slice up the season! (pun intended).   I also hope with the new geometry that I will actually enjoy biking more. 
4.  Realizing that I will be in Las Vegas for the RnR half and convinced Scott to run it with me...

.... not trying to figure out how i pulled that one off but Scott will be able to take a break from gambling and golf and run 13.1 with me.  And since it is at night, it is perfect since I am going for work.  

... Looking forward to 2015... bring it!

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