Sunday, February 8, 2015

Challenge Triathlon Team Summit

Mid January, I spent the weekend at the Challenge Triathlon Summit and had a blast with my tri-family.  The team wanted a "warm" place so we chose Jacksonville but unfortunately, we were blessed with only 30-40 degree weather with a few snow flakes one of the days... BUT, i am NOT complaining!  I left -30 degree (with windchill) weather so I was ok with that.

The summit is an awesome chance for us to meet the newbies (now that i am a veteran) and hear from Challenge (formerly Rev3) Corporate and our sponsors. C4 will be making our team kits which look awesome, Powerbar will be including the team on PBTE and SBRSports will also be supporting us with tri-swim products, foggies and trislide.  The weekend was filled with conferences during the day, volunteering at a local race working aid stations and good memories with the team.  (some may remember the memories better than others :)  ... as one of the "old maids", some of those memories have been burned into my brain.  

First night as we all started trickling in
Newbies/Veterans relay.. Vets won!
Challenge Family Triathlon Team 2015
Many people will ask me what makes me so loyal to the Rev3-Challenge brand.  I have loved Rev3 since 2011(3 yrs before joining the team) when i raced my only DNF and the answer is pretty simple. They make the race experience something for everyone.. not just the racer.  They pick venues that have things for families to do, make the expo family friendly, have glow runs, and allow your family to cross the finish line with you w a free finisher photo. I have appreciated this as a racer for years but now that i am on the team, i LOVE seeing how committed the company is to making the consumer be the racer, spectator, supporter and volunteer!

And just to be clear, just b/c I love Challenge/Rev3 doesn't mean i hate every other company out there.  I have raced them and will continue to race them.  This goes from the other big corporate brands to the small local tri. In all my years of racing, I honestly have never really had a horrible tri race experience that the event could control..  but my family has had some bad ones.  Races where hotels are sooo expensive and/or sold out, we had to stay in a crappy place and there is nothing for them to do and they are sherpa-ing back and forth.. or the race venue is isolated enough they are forced to stand around all day waiting or when they have tried to drive around, the road closures make it difficult. Yes, they could be cheering like crazy people for 7 hours while they wait for me but they don't want to and i don't blame them. As my husband would say... "cheering for random spandex people for hours... no thank you."  Having my family there is important to me so I have to make race trips for us and "throw a race in there"

This year, I plan to attend:  Challenge Knoxville, Atlantic City and Cedar Point.  I am working on the rest of the race schedule including a 10 miler with my sis-in law and #runningbestie in Chicago, pacing the Lincoln Half, 10K in Utah, 13.1 in Vegas and plenty of local tris/run races! Thinking 25-30 races for the year sounds like a round number!!  Here's to an awesome (and hopefully healthy) 2015. 


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