Thursday, March 19, 2015

St Paddy's 8K Race Report

Had my first of 2 8K's in March this past weekend.  Was coming off a back tweak a few weeks ago (yes, i know I sound like a broken record with my back.. deal) so didn't have any major expectations but hoped to be around an 11/mile.

Packet Pickup:  My trusty husband was nice enough to pick up my packet for me.  it was at Sports authority in the city and he said it was "amateur hour".  I not sure if the lines were super long but he said it was very disorganized.  However, he ended up buying a weight bench and weights while he was waiting around so score one for Sports Authority being the pickup site.

Race Day:  Race started in front of the Peggy Notebart Museum at 9:30 which is a great site for a smaller city race.  Close to bus options for public transportation people and also there are some free spots along the Zoo drive but there is also the huge zoo lot which is expensive ($20) but guarantees an easy spot at that time a day with little thinking.  I usually take one loop and if i dont' find free parking, i park in the lot.  Walked over the start and had about 15 minutes to go... bathroom break and then into the corral just before the gun.

Started on time and well organized.  They started the 8K first.  Not a lot of puddles on the path which was a good thing and I got settled into a pace pretty quick.  My goal was to keep a pace of 11/Miles and see how it went from there.  The weather was perfect running weather with a bit of a chill in the air but no wind and great views of the city thawing from winter.
Had splits of: 10:23/10:37/10:19/10:41/10:31
Had to stop for a moment in mile 4 to get a rock out of my shoe.  i felt it in the first mile and it drove me crazy the entire time.  It is amazing how all of my thoughts and nerve endings focused on that shoe for 3.5 miles till i took it out as I felt like it pierced the skin.  Happy i took the seconds as my foot was in fact bleeding and didn't need to tear it up anymore.

I am starting to pay attention to my heart rate this year (thanks Coach) and noticed it was a bit high this race.  Definitely going to be focusing more on Zone training but first i probably need to read up on exactly what that is :)

After I crossed the finish line, they ushered us over to the food.  Water/some type of recovery drink/Green bagels/bananas awaited us.  They had music, lots of tents and beer afterwards.  I got a half of bagel, water and then walked back to the car.  Had a Powerbar PB Harvest Energy Bar while i changed out of my damp clothes and then made my way back home.  Had a busy day which included:  hosting a friends only (that turned into a few randoms garage sale), Josh's final basketball game, going to driving range and grocery shopping... It was my kind of Saturday.  Busy/productive and I got to race! :)
When i got home after the race, I looked at the map and did not remember making that loop at the end. I sat on that thought for a while since i remembered going under a bridge right before the end.  Then i remember I had my Garmin so i was able to pull my map file and I was right... map was out of date which is a bit of a faux pas in my opinion. However, not too big of a deal for me.  Excited to see if i can beat my 8K time at Shamrock but even if not, looking forward to another race... bring on spring!


  1. Great job at this race! I have been training with heart rate and I have it down for my 70.3 & Ironman distances in terms of how to race them, however I need to study up on what an 8K run (or half marathon run) pace should be... I'm not as sure about those!

    Is Shamrock your next one? If so, me too! :)

    1. Just seeing this .. so happy we bumped into each other at Shuffle expo. It was cold yesterday but ended up doing better than this race so i was happy. yes, i need a whole HR tutorial! hope you had a great race too. Look forward to seeing you this summer

  2. Good job!! I am like the princess and the pea in regards to stuff in my shoes. I had to get over that when I started trail running. LOL