Friday, April 10, 2015

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon - Pacing 3:00 Group

Last year, I was scheduled to pace Lincoln's half but my Pop-Pop passed away the week of the race and I had to bow out.  I wasn't sure if i would return this year but thankfully, was asked back and made the trek to run where Lincoln walked.  Medals4Mettle was sponsoring the pacing team again and grateful to have my runningbestie Tia be my joint pacer. 

We rolled into Springfield Friday evening and got the expo with an hour left.  They had some great vendors there, lots of freebies and the rungroup was selling off their old race shirts for $2 bucks.  Normally I don't get excited about that but they had a great sweatshirt and some shirts for Scott.  Score! Grabbed dinner at Subway and we were in bed by 10pm.  Woke up at 6:40 for a 7 am meet at the Old Capital.  Met up with the other pacers and snapped a photo.  We were the sweepers for the race which put us at a 3:00 pace.  As a usual 2:30 half-er, 3 hrs is a perfect pace to race.  You have lots of energy to keep people engaged and if needed, have the legs to run back an forth to people. 
We got to our corrals and people started asking our plan.  There were 2 sweep pace groups.  One 2/1 and we were doing 3/2.  We had a decent group with us from the get go and 2 in particular were determined to break the 3 hour mark.  The course is well marked with lots of police and highlights of running by some historical areas.. specifically:  Lincoln's Office, Home, The Capital and Tomb and they have 3-4 decent sized inclines along the way.

The weather, although chilly at the start, ended up being perfect for a half.   The crew we ran with were really motivated to break 3 hours and kept it going really well.  We banked some time to be able to walk the hills on the back side of the course and managed to time aid stations pretty well.  It is always fun pacing a slower group b/c you meet some great people and bond with them during the race. 

When we made the turn towards the finish, our people took off and were ready to break their 3 hour goal.  Happy to report 3 of them met that while I came in at 3:00:05.  I was kindof annoyed with my 5 seconds but happy all my peeps made it. 
This is a must-do race for anyone that loves Lincoln and/or is looking for a decent price race in the Springfield area. 

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