Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Live Grit Lakefront 10 Race Report

Had a great time at LiveGrit's Lakefront 10 this year.  Have done this race in the past and someone had a good discount code so registered on a whim.  Was excited to race with friends and looked forward to running a longer distance at my pace (as RunAbe was slower than what I normally run)

Race Morning:
Woke up and got a late start out of the house.  Between my dog getting into some mud when i let her out and trying to download a few last minute songs to my ipod, I wasn't out the door till close to 7 am. Got on highway only to realize i forgot my watch.. ugh!  With a 8AM start and being concerned about parking, i was cutting it close.  Rolled into the race area to see the cabs dropping off people and it looked like the street spots were all gone.  Panic hadn't set in yet but i knew it was going to be a close one.  Thanks to my friend telling me to park near Wilson, I hoped onto LSD once at Montrose and got off at Wilson to find a spot.  However, as soon as i got off, people were directing me to a huge lot!  YES! SCORE!  Only costs $5 bucks to park and I was off.  Grabbed my bib from my friend (who picked it up for me) and was at the start with about 3 minutes to spare.  Love when things work out like that but sometimes the ending isn't always so perfect.

Had no idea how it was going to go since I didn't have my watch. I have my Vivofit on but since you can't reset miles for the day, I basically just had the time.  Wasn't going to deal with my phone so figured, today will be a day I just run at my pace and see how I feel. They said at the start there were 6 aid stations so mentally cut up the course that way. ("Get through 4 aid stations at least before even considering walking")

The course was up and down the lakefront with a few turns and up cricket hill.  At my pace, the course was well marked and/or there were enough runners for me to never have to think about the directions.  {Unfortunately, I heard some back of the packers got lost but they already talked to race officials and hopefully that will be fixed for next year!}

Crossed the start at 8:01 and hit the first mile at 8:10.  Umm.. anything that is 9 and change for me is too fast and got a little nervous I would burn out but kept ticking along and crossed mile 3 at 8:30 and change.  We continued to push through and I saw the leaders coming back around my mile 5.  They all looked pretty beat up and I wasn't necessarily sure why (ignore the fact they were running sub 6 miles) but they looked more tired than normal.

I kept plugging around, hit the turn and then bam, the cold wind hit me... i now know why they were dying.  The wind off the lakefront was strong and it was cold.  Knew we would run on the other side of the golf course so just put my head down and pushed through.  Although I didn't have a garmin, pretty sure that was my slowest mile.  I ended up taking my Powerbar Chocolate gel and walked during the aid station. (#5 aid station) When we got through that wind tunnel, I attempted to resume my pace and got back into it with about a 1.5 left.  Found a couple that was plugging along and decided to tuck in behind them and ride out the rest of the race.  Made our way close the finish and starting pushing to get the line.  Crossed not knowing exactly what my time was but was happy to see I finished under 1:50 clock time (that became my goal around mile 5).

Got a bagel, met up with some friends, bought a super soft Live Grit shirt (seriously, a soft V Neck tee is a quick way to my heard) and cheered Tia to the finish.  Once I got back home, looked up my time to see it was 1:47:04.   Looked back at my 10-milers through athlinks and noticed it was a PR.  I have a 1:44 logged from the Lakefront 10 in 2013 but my garmin read it was short.  Only by .1 miles but normally your watch reads long so i felt like that wasn't a true 10 miler PR.  (Personally, I go by my chip time for PR's not when my watch hits 10.00 but for a 10 miler, i would want it to hit 10 miles at least!)  Anyways, was excited for the PR and happy to see I have made some improvements over the years.  Don't see myself getting any faster but happy with this pace.  Have Soldier Field 10 in a few weeks for another comparison.

The race is a good open seasoner that isn't very expensive, not super complicated to deal with had great swag. Love that stepped up and sponsored the race this year and will probably be back next year!

Wind Blown and Done!
2010 - 10 miler- 2:03:57
2011 - 10 miler- 1:53:35
2012 - 10 miler- 1:47:32
2013 - 10 miler- 1:44:54**Not counted b/c watch read short on mileage
2015 - 10 miler- 1:47:04
NICOLE KESTEN            F  89/125   34 1:47:04 10:43

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