Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shamrock Shuffle 8K

Another Shamrock Shuffle in the books.
In short:  The time I ran faster than usual in fear something happened to Josh.. but nothing did. 

Have done this race a handful of times.  Last year, although fun with my family, we found out after we finished the race that Pop-Pop had passed away and it made the race a distant memory pretty quickly.

This year, was a new year and loved having my family accompany me again.

The expo was at McCormick Place which is no different than Navy Pier for me.. both are out of the way, annoying to get to and you have to pay for parking if you are a suburb dweller like me. But since I just got back from vaca and had to make the trip, I volunteered with Fort2Base to work at the expo which made the hike worth it a little more.

Race morning, we picked up Jen and then strategically parked in the loop where the race road closures wouldn't affect our spot but then we also wouldn't have needed to walk a long distance once we finished.  They had special parking rate for $16 bucks and easy entry/exit. Got over to the start and only had 10 minutes in our corral before we were off.
Once we got going, Scott and Josh took off ahead of me and then Scott dropped back and Josh was gone.  We had set up a contingency plan if we got separated... "Left Side right after they are done handing out food" since we thought that was a safe place to hang out as sometimes you get pushed through the finish line area. Anyways, I settled into my happy 10:30-11 min/mile pace and then all of the sudden, I got this nervous mom feeling that Josh was running the streets alone and something was going to happen to him.  Some examples of my freakouts included (but were not limited to:  What if he fell... I didn't put his Road ID on today... The number I put as he ER contact was Scott's and he left his phone in the car... What if he gets some random infection and they give him amoxicillin (which he is allergic too)... i know, i was getting a little carried away with my freakouts but as you know .. when you running and a thought takes over your head.. sometimes you just spin out of control. 

So, basically the rest of the race was "chasing" after Josh and hoping he wasn't in some ditch somewhere.  Logical.. i know.  However, running in fear kept my pace as a good clip and ended up putting up a negative split with a 9:59 average.  (compared to my 10:30 avg at the St Paddy's 8K).  Crossed the finish line and pushed through the finish area hoping to see Josh.  They handed out medals for the first time this year and had some good post race food but no sign of Josh.  Got in another panic and then Josh calls my name from the other side of the fence.  He was on the left side as we discussed and just chilling with his water and popchips. 

Well, our little guy is growing up and a lot faster than me.  Had fun racing with them.  This was our second year as as a family and we might need to just make this a tradition! 

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