Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cinco De Miler Race Review

Has been a handful of years since I have done this race and it has grown a ton since I participated last.   Had a fun time even with the rain and cold weather.

Packet Pickup:  RAM and Feet Fleet have created a partnership to do packet pickups jointly regardless of who is holding the race.  There are probably numerous reasons for this (closing of RAM's downtown store,

Race Day: Picked up a Skokie friend (and maybe a coke) and we were downtown by 8:15 for a 9 am gun.  Parking was in the south lot of Soldier Field and although you had to pay $20, it was simple and easy.  Sometimes paying is worth not having the deal with the hassle of searching for a spot in my opinion.  Headed over to the corrals and after the Mexican and US National Anthems, we were off. 

The course was a simple out and back with some lakefront path, some lakeshore drive and the underpass at McCormick (i.e. where people pee during long races or the place where you think you are going to trip and biff it b/c it is so dark... whatever way you slice it.. that area is dicey). Thankfully it is short and you don't lose your GPS signal long :)

2015_CDM_CourseMap 042115I got started at a decent pace with no real intentions of worrying about time.  It was cold, windy and I just wanted to enjoy myself.  However, I clipped along at a decent pace for the first two miles and then we made the turn and was hit with a wall of cold air against the lake.  Mile 2-3 was the most uncomfortable but I managed to pass the 5K mark at 30:13.  Considering I just PR'ed my 5K the week before at 30:30, i figured I would try to break 50 minutes for a less than 10/mile pace.  Kept going and then started running out of gas right around McCormick Place.  Pretty sure the breakdown was mental but I was not feeling it and found myself walking for a bit around 4.5.  Lame I know but i thought, i am just going to walk for a bit and then go.  Got going and the finish line popped up on me quick enough that I was mad at myself for walking for a bit.  Crossed the line at 49:19 and made my way through the finisher chute.  They handed water/bananas/CHURROS! and medals out as they shuffled you through to the post party area.  (The medal was great - a 3D Sombrero Bottle opener) You also received tostitos, salsa and a tamale at the food tent which was a nice touch.   Unfortunately, the weather was still crappy so I didnt hang around much other than to say hello to some friends briefly.  Happy to catch up with Denise and dropped her off at her place. 

Was a fun event, happy to participate and next year.. i need a costume!  Next week - First tri of the season... YIKES!



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