Monday, May 11, 2015

Glenview Sunset Shuffle 5K - Medals4Mettle

SunsetShuffle Logo webParticipated in the inaugural Sunset Shuffle in Glenview this past week.  Since I work in the Glen, I felt like i couldn't pass up supporting a local event and something so close to "home."  It was the first year for the event and they had ~140 per the results.  I think they were hoping for more but for the first year and it still being iffy weather (as it ended up being cold that evening), i thought the turnout was good. 

I really didn't need to do a 5K mid week but I emailed the race and asked if there was anyone I could present medals to and they said YES!!!!  So, signed up right away.  The race benefited a cancer support group.  Although they didn't have anyone from that group there were 3 children that were suggested.  One was recently diagnosed with acute diabetes and has struggled with adapting and 2 siblings recently found running after their little brother died suddenly (unsure of details).

The race itself was pretty straightforward and took place in the Glen paths i have run on/off for 8 years.  Thankfully there weren't many people out and with the limited number of participants,  it was pretty open the entire time.  I managed to PR the 5K distance which I was pleasantly surprised about.  Definitely attribute that to coach making me do intervals!

Crossed the finish and it was cold.  Cold and windy but the after party was really nice.  The community definitely supported and they had a lot of people out there along with a band. I grabbed the medals and found the girls to present them too.  She picked out the fox medal and seemed grateful.   Medals4Mettle is a small but meaningful gesture and so happy to be a part of it. 

Chip Time 00:30:30
Average Pace 9:48/mile

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