Friday, May 1, 2015

Three Things Thursday ... errrr Friday

Some of my favorite Chicago bloggers (Lauren, Katie, Kelly) frequently do a Three Things Thursday post and i always love reading them .. many times i start my own and then i don't get around finishing it till the next tuesday.. but last night,  I had a lot of thoughts in my head... and wanted to jot them down.

So, here are my Three Things Thursday... that I started on Wednesday and finishing now on Friday.

1. Getting excited and nervous about Triathlon season starting. Kicking off the season with Challenge Knoxville in ~3 weeks. Doing the Oly and would be lying if i said I wasn't a little nervous starting out the season with an Oly. My training (for me) makes me ready but I have started with a sprint EVERY YEAR since 2008 and find comfort is starting with the shorter distance. Now I am jumping into a Oly (with a new bike and potentially cold water). I know I will be ok and what helps me with this little quirk/superstition I have, is knowing I will be with lots of friends at the race. My Challenge Team family will be there, the amazing staff, a few friends from chicago AND... my own family including Lucy! Cannot wait to be there for the"inaugural" Challenge Knoxville race! They are going to have 3 races running at the same time (oly, championship hybring distance and half). Excited to race, have a trication with the fam and check out the International Biscuit Festival (NOT A JOKE)
As tempted as i might be, i will not hitch a ride from the boat!

2. I have been enjoying having a coach this year. Tony has been great adapting to my goals as a triathlete. As someone who never had a coach before or (never had any real training schedule), it has been an adjustment. I am probably much more trained this time a year then I ever have been (which isn't really saying much) but i have been noticed some positive results. Just PR-ed at the 5K distance (30:30) last night and had a PR at the 10 miles a few weeks ago. I definitely attribute that to his interval training and making me log more miles in Feb/March. I don't have any major goals for my triathlon times but would just like to enjoy the bike more this year so i can have some fresher legs for the run!

3. Had an awesome M4M presentation yesterday and was able to send out medals to the Dupage Country Hospital.  We talked about how they are going to display them at the hospital and use them as rewards for big treatments or diagnostic tests.  Grateful to continue to be a part of this grassroots organization.

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