Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Original 5K

Signed up for the Original 5K on a whim.  Thursday summer night, $19.72 total registration with a retro theme (1972 was the year the first 5K road race happened).   As I knew my dad would be in town, signed up Scott and I and decided to make it a date night... needless to say my husband that loathes running was thrilled!

We did same day packet pickup and our friend Jen saved us as we were running late getting down to the race site. The Skokie Swift was down so i was forced to take a bus to Howard which delayed us. We rolled in with about 10 minutes to spare.  Enough time to take some pics and get situated before we were off. We were concerned it was going to rain but thankfully it didn't. However there were a fair amount of puddles on the path. 

The course began and finished across the street from the Peggy Notebart Museum.  This is a good spot for small/medium size races like this because the zoo parking makes it easy if you can't find a street spot.  I also enjoyed the route.  It wasn't anything special but had just enough turns to keep it interesting but not too make to make it annoying.

I told Scott a small part of me wanted to break 30 minutes.  I PR'ed about a month ago with a 30:30 and wanted to see if i could break that time.  As I have talked about before, my drive to PR isn't very strong as I enjoy the process and being out there but with having a coach who has made me do different types of workouts, I wanted to give it a go. 

So, we started out with a high 9:XX pace.  We click along together with Scott about 4 feet in front of me (wanted to avoid the swinging elbows!)  The race thinned out after about .5 miles and we stayed together till the halfway point.  Scott stopped for water and I kept going.  Garmin read 19:07 when i hit mile 2 so i knew my goal was possible.  Keep a 10 min mile pace and then push the last .1.  And that is exactly what I did.  I saw Scott at the last turnaround, gave him a wincing smile and then just kept going.  It is amazing how I can be all smiles, talking, taking pictures at a 11 min/mile pace and then at a high 9:XX pace I am dying. 

Hit mile 3 at 29:13... time to pick it up!   So, i sprinted the finish and used any energy I had left. Garmin said 29:59:75 so I knew I was close but wasn't sure yet. (  official time of: 29:57 ) Either way, I was happy with my effort.  Hung out for Scott to cross. He trotted in 90 seconds later.
Scott is behind the guy in the white
Met up with Jen and others at the post race party.  Didn't hang out too long b/c Dad and Josh were at home but did manage to grab a ton of watermelon and pringles. Happy i signed up for the race.  Cheap ($19.72 including fees), you get a decent retro trucker hat and location is good for size of event.  Grateful Scott joined me and looking forward to our next family race with Josh!

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