Monday, June 1, 2015

Trication +1 at Knoxville


Wanted to blog about my experiences with our dog at Knoxville.... our first time traveling with her. Seasoned dog owners probably have A LOT more knowledge than I do so feel free to comment on other helpful hints!
Also, it should be known, i am a dog owner for only 2/35 years of my life.  I used to be the person that had no interest in dogs.. if approached by a friends dog/cat, i would pet it just enough to appear like i cared and then rub my hand on my clothes. Until i got my own dog who now rules us:)   I kindof had a similar vibe with children until i had my own 11 years ago...  Feel free to judge... i used to be "that person"

Challenge Knoxville 2015  - NOW REV3 KNOXVILLE 2016
Lucy had been with us for a little over a year and we decided it was time to take her on a road trip.   Doing a quick google search, I found Knoxville was dubbed "Most Pet Friendly Community".  I am unsure at the parameters at which this award was given but from our experiences, it was really a great city to have a pet.

We had heard that Knoxville was a pretty walkable city so wanted to stay close to the action.  We decided on the host hotel, Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown.  The rate was very reasonable with the Rev3 block and Lucy was only $50 for the stay (plus $50 deposit).  They also had a little dog park by the parking ramp which was great for quick pottie breaks.  As a new dog owner, it is a bit intimidating walking into a nice hotel with your pet.. concerns of 'they are totally going to pee on the carpet' flooded my mind but Lucy was great, the front desk was sweet to her and she even got her own treats. I am guessing we got a "dog room" but no signs of other dogs (stains/smells to humans) were present.

Around Town
During the Day, we did not leave her in the room even though we bought a little sided pop-up in case we did.  I was concerned she would back and b/c the weather was nice leading up to race, we just carted her along.  We walked a lot with her to and from the expo many times and took her to eat.  Downtown in Market Square had a ton of cute restaurants, many that allow Dogs on Patios. Here is a list of restaurants that allow dogs. We found many have treats and water bowls for them and some even had little beds.  Lucy hung out with a little fluffy white dog during one of our dinners and both seemed happy. 

Family kept Lucy while i did the practice swim but I had her for bike racking and athletes meeting.  Lots was going on in Knoxville that weekend and most of it outdoors... perfect for the pup. 
Race Related
Dogs are totally allowed in the expo area (as always, make sure to clean up after them) and at the start area.  Bring them along wherever you need to in the World's Fair Park.  I didn't encounter any place dogs were not allowed.  Also, if you come in Friday, make sure to do the Rev3 Glow Run.  Can be a 1 mile walk to a 5K run. Although there are some to compete, many of the people participating are there to have a fun time, enjoy the evening and light up the night!  If you have a pup, line up in the back and feel comfortable that your dog will be ok with all the people. 

All and all- a great trip! Definitely a race to avoid boarding as long as you have a family member to watch the dog during the race!

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