Monday, June 15, 2015

Volition Half Race Review - Chicago

Signed up for Volition Half on a whim as it 1. landed on a Saturday and 2. was given a 1/2 off discount code.  Knowing that I would need to log some longer miles around that time, i figured a perfect way to do so.

Packet Pickup:  At my neighborhood running store --> Road Runner Sports in Wilmette.  Super easy/in and out in 5 minutes.

Pre-Race Day Events:  They encouraged people to sign up for pre-race parking through Spot Hero.  I have never done that before but thought I would give it a whim.  I secured $10 parking right on the corner of Michigan and Harrison which was about as close as I could get.  Considering street parking would have been $8, it was a nice option to not have to worry about finding a spot and just driving to a GPS'ed address race morning.  Got into downtown with about 25 minutes to walk over to the start. Cutting it close for some.. perfect timing for me.  Got there with about 10 minutes before the gun, went to the bathroom and then heard from some of the veterans/families that have benefited from some of the proceeds earned from this race.  I tried to find out exactly how much money was donated (i.e. 1%/10%/50%) but could not find that information.  So, unsure how much really went to families via Folds of Honors scholarships but appreciated the awareness the event brought nonetheless.  The founded gave a great speech and then played the National Anthem.  (Small gripe:  The rock rendition they played was not my cup of tee, at all.  Some people loved it but I felt like it really detracted from the momentum they had going with their inspirational stories.. maybe I am just getting old)

Race:  Started right on time and was a lakepath run with a few turns here and there. For being June, the weather was a bit chilly and went with my jacket for the run.  Happy I did and I wore it the entire time and was at a good temp.  The goal for this year was to log 13.1 with no other expectations and I did just that.  I didn't really want to push myself as my dad was in town and I knew I would be doing lots of yard work after the race (which i did) so I just settled into my happy path and chugged along the miles. This race wasn't big so the lakepath front wasn't overly congested and it was nice that there wasn't a lot of bikers out there that day. 
Scenery was beautiful as usual and the skies were super blue that day.  Normally, I will make a friend when I am at my happy pace (11-11:30/mile) but didn't this time around.  I turned off my headphones for a few miles too and just enjoyed ticking away at them.  As there have been a handful of races, I have been running for time (slow PR's for most, but challenging for me), i have missed just enjoying being out on the course.  So, i soaked it up and kept a steady pace.  I did a run walk I will try to do for Challenge AC for the last 4 miles which kept the time going quick and learning more about my Garmin at the same time.

Crossed with a time of:   02:28:38 and grabbed some grub and literally ran back to my car to get home to my family and dad who was working on our house.  They ran a blitz for 1/2 registration next year so committed already to run again.  For the price, even though I have no idea where I will be, I welcome a lakefront path race that isn't super over crowded, supports a good cause and on a Saturday!

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