Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Butlerville Days 5K race report

Anytime I am going on vacation, I have a tendency to look for races to see if i can squeeze a race into the mix.  When we went to Utah, we jammed a lot into the weekend but knew on Pioneer Day, there was a chance I could run.  There was a big half downtown but it was a lot of hooplah, shuttle buses, getting up super early and would suck up a large part of day.  For those reason, I vetoed that option and looked for others.  Found a 5K on the foot of the mountain which happened to be right near my friends house.. Butlerville Days 5K .. SOLD! 

Very safe neighborhood run and since a Utah holiday, not very many cars were out and lots of volunteers patrolling the course. There were lots of XC kids, families and some strollers.  The course could accommodate everyone nicely.  Lani and the Smiths joined me for the run and it was great to run with friends and family.  Course was a nice loop through residential streets that was mostly uphill on the front half and then downhill on the back half. This was great for me as I definitely had to adjust to the altitude.  We were 4,800 feet with only 200 feet elevation gain but that initial 4,800 feet compared to sea level was a tough adjustment.

My mile splits and thoughts were:
11:25 - Sucking through a straw and trying to find my breath.  Running in high altitude when you are used to sea level is an adjustment.. luckily only 2 more miles. 
10:58 -  There was a little aid station you hit right after a mile and I SWEAR my "gatorade"  was "kool aid".   I started finding my stride and didn't want to walk every other step. 
10:15 - This mile I felt great, acclimated to the altitude (enough) to be enjoying the process and trying to catch up to people. It really really helped it was mostly downhill!

Crossed finish to see Dave waiting for us girls to finish.  Grabbed some bottle water and then made our way back to the start (maybe .25 mile walk).   Dave thought he might podium so we waited around and when they posted the results, i realized I podiumed!  WHAT?!  Hell is freezing over... or the zombies are coming any minute.  Granted, there were only 5 people (which i thought originally was 6) in my age group but I was still excited.  Got my white ribbon and hopped up onto the podium!
As always, rocked some headsweats love wearing my Challenge Family visor!  Fun morning with friends and a little easier than my last Utah run!  Smiths mentioned the turkey trot is huge in this neighborhood and this race definitely has the potential of being much bigger while maintaining its safety and appeal!

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  1. Oooh, congrats on the podium placement! I cannot imagine running with elevation change, sounds super tough!!