Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hawk Harrier 5K

Signed up for this race night before as I found myself with a free morning. I didn't really read the description and when i showed up, realized it was a partly a cross country run.   Hawk Harrier 5K benefited the cross country team.  Course was pretty straight forward with about 60% on grass and the rest of sidewalks ending on the track.   Due to some medication changes, I started the race and my HR shot up super high.  So high that i thought I might has a vasovagal response, slowed down and got my composure and picked up the pace again.  My first mile was 9:45 which was too fast for me considering the humidity and my HR.. so i slowed it down and kept plugging along.  Not much to report.  Walked/run the 2rd and 3rd mile.  It really wasn't a race (even by my slow standards) and more of a decent workout.  The race only had 50 or so participants so excited to see this grass roots race grow in the future.

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  1. Hi Nicole.... Race registration is now up for the 2016 Hawk Harrier Race, would love to have you come out again!