Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hot Chocolate Chicago 5K Race Report

Decided to make this race Josh and I's season finale together.  I like to do a few races with him during the year and this was a perfect on for him.  He loves chocolate, can handle the big crowds and good swag... Sold!

Got a spot with Spothero that was perfect for race day.  Just a block east of michigan and right along the race course but not blocked in.  On our way down, we got lucky and was the last car on our street that they let through b/f they closed down the roads for the race.  Love when things fall into place.

Got into our corral and started about 20 minutes after the official start.  This was great as one of the stressors of this race can be standing around for over an hour waiting to start.  We were lucky to get going quickly and josh was ready to run.  He told me "he would stay with me" which I was cool with b/c there were so many people and didnt want to deal with trying to find him afterwards. 

First mile of the race was pretty congested and our slowest.  We plugged along and talked most of the first mile.  Grateful that he was ok going slower and that I could talk to him.  His usual pace is 8-8:30 which is way too fast for me.  One of the aid stations had chocolate so we had to stop! 

Before the finish, you run the same route as the Marathon... over the little "hill" on Roosevelt bridge and then towards the finish.  I knew josh wanted to kick it so i told him to go ahead and we would meet on the left side of the aid stations.  At this point I started pushing as i knew i wouldn't be able to keep up with him.  After about 30 feet, he said ... i see how it is... and just took off.  It was pretty funny as he thought I was trying to compete with him but in reality, I was just trying to not be super behind him.
Crossed the finish line 6 second behind josh.  Garmin file was all off because we were under the train tracks and lower wacker however we definitely ran negative splits.  First mile was 11:13 and final was 9:07.   Puts 2nd mile around 10ish something.
After the race, we made our way to the chocolate tent.  That is their slogan "WILL RUN FOR CHOCOLATE."  Got our fixings and made our way to find Tia who was volunteering.  Was able to catch up with Tia and looked down only to find Josh had devoured both of our mugs of dip-able goodies. He had chocolate all over his face and his exact words were "i think i ate too much junk". Classic. 

View on way back to car

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  1. Ahh to have young 10-year-old legs again. Lol! I love Josh's chocolate overdose face. Lol!