Sunday, November 29, 2015

Rock and Roll Vegas 10K Race Report

Finished the Remix Challenge with the 10K Sunday night.  It was an earlier start than the 5K start. Took the monorail ($5 one way) to the start (SLS Casino). This was the easiest way to get there since it was a point to point race and everyone else had the same idea as it was super packed and almost no room to get on.  I did have a chuckle as I traveled by myself as there were some ladies who were complaining how crammed it was and how rude people were for wanting to get on... and I was thinking in my head "If this was Chicago, there would be 50 more people in this car".  Once, we got to the SLS, it was a smooth transition/walk to the start line.  I might have hung out at the slots for a bit before the start. About 10 minutes before the race, I made my way over to the start.  In some major error... i was assigned to corral 1.  I got into the corral, chatted it up with some fellow runners from Utah/Fl and then we were off.  My goal was to enjoy the race and take in the course.  The course was a mix of industrial, outskirts of fremont and then the north end of S. Las Vegas Blvd.

 First area of the course was getting to Fremont Street.  Apparently, you used to be able to run through Fremont but now you just go close to it passing Container City.  As we made our way down, settled into a rhythm and enjoyed seeing some landmarks along the way.  Lots of Wedding Chapels (with notable famous people that were married there on the signs), Gold & Silver Pawn from Pawn Stars and some weddings in action.  Fun to see as we made our way down to Fremont.  

We got right to Fremont experience and then turned.  Once we made the turn, things kindof got ugly.  The wind really started picking up and it was getting cold and now some rain.  The wind was so bad, lots of cones were flipped over and most of us had to put their heads down.  Around this time as we approached Circus Circus, my stomach started hurting.. no clue why.. but I needed a bathroom.  Asked at an aid station and no one knew where one was. Luckily, the 4th person I asked said there was one straight ahead.. thank goodness!  Got to the porto and the wind was going crazy.  I sat down and kid you NOT... the porto got air.  I yelped so loud along with the guy next to me.  It seriously freaked me out. Thankfully didn't tip and I started my way to LasVegas Blvd. Rain was still coming in and the fast full/halfers started coming down the strip going north.  I thought a few times while we were running towards the finish..  thank goodness I am not doing the half or full.  Tried to soak up the fun of S. Las Vegas Blvd as we ticked off the different hotels, Trump, Encore, Wynn, TI....
Finish line was at Ceasars and there was good enthusiasm at the finish.  Crossed and was super cold right after I was done.  The runners had some lock down area and made my way through the finish. Got some chocolate milk, my medal and a runners heat sheet and started my way back to my purse. I left my bag at my work expo as I didn't see any information about gear check for 10K.  (There ended up being gear check that was delivered at finish but somehow i missed it).  So, i had to trek back to the Venetian in the rain.  I was getting so cold, I ended up buying a $15 hoodie at one of the cheap casinos to make my trek from Ceasars to venetian then back to Cosmo.  I walked another 5 miles after the race... blah!

Happy I got to experience the race... probably a one and done but nonetheless... I was able to RUN THE STRIP AT NIGHT!

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