Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wrapping up 2015

2015 is over for a few weeks and while it was filled with mixed emotions, i closed out the year with gratitude in my heart and a fire for a better 2016.  I completed 31 races in 2015 that included some highs, lows and 'meh' moments.

Grateful to represent Challenge Family (now Rev3) in 2015 and look forward to repping them in 2016.  This team has become a second family of mine.  One that understands the balancing of life and sport and downright good people.  This group filled a void i didn't realize even existed...  they are crazy, fun loving and fiercely loyal.  The brand is one that is homegrown in the USA and committed to giving triathletes options for larger venue races.  Looking forward to seeing them again at the Team Summit this weekend. One of my favorite race memories of the year was Knoxville and not for my race.  Crashed on my bike but was able to finish the Oly but then went and then ran the last 7 miles with the final finisher for the Half.  It was a great experience and an awesome reminder how Rev3 values each of it's racers.  

My sponsors. Couldn't have made it this past year without my awesome sponsors.  Rev3... you are my jam.  Love your organization and my teammates. Thank you to Powerbar for keeping me fueled, SBR for keeping my clean, C4 for covering my large rear & Headsweats for allowing me to not worry how high i put my ponytail on my head and keeping my head warm on cold runs.  

My local tri/run friends. Crush Multisport, Chicago Running Bloggers and all my run friends are simply the best!  Nothing beats signing up for a race the day before and a few text messages later you know a handful of people racing it! 

My back still bugs me occasionally.  Right after AC, had a set back.. it was annoying.. and will continue to be annoying forever i think.  Thankfully, i have been able to recover and I continue to buy into any gimmick that I think will work.  Feel free to contact me if you know of some snake oil that fixes backs :)

If you remember this.. we are fast buds.
Infertility. I was pretty candid about this during the process to most of my tri-friends as I was going through it during the height of the summer.  Clomid kindof ruled my life for a large part of 2014 and then we went for IVF in 2015. After all the injections and process, we find ourselves still a family a three and opted not to continue.  I can't say it was an easy decision but it was the right one for us.  It doesn't mean the door is closed forever but I am kindof guessing it is. Life is good and I think we needed to go down that road to know we are good with three people + 1 dog :)  

Things to look forward to:

As mentioned, i will be returning to Team Rev3 for 2016.  I am so excited to be #backinblue for 2016 and looking forward to representing a series that helped me fall in love with triathlon.  My experiences at Cedar Point early on were essential with me sticking to the sport.  I plan to race Poconos and Cedar Point.  Join me!

• May 22nd: Rev3 Knoxville
• June 4th: Rev3 Quassy, Middlebury, CT
• July 10: Rev3 Williamsburg
• August 7: Rev3 Pocono Mountains
 • August 28: Rev3 Maine
 • September 10: Rev3 Cedar Point
I am also extremely grateful to the following sponsors who will support me for the season and love me even though I am slow and barely fit into my tri suit.

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