Tuesday, February 16, 2016

NYD5K Race Report

Started the year off right with a 5K in the city.  I had to miss this race last year due to pneumonia and feeling near death.  So was excited to be back. Was thankful they allow same day packet pickup.  Got down there and parked on the street with minimal issue.  Walked over to start and attempted to stay warm with the crew. Was a bit annoyed as they asked for gender specific sizes at registration but then gave us unisex shirts.  Threw on my Mens Large shirt and chalked it up as another layer.   The path was pretty iced over so the run was slow.  Ran with Jen most of the time and chatted about her festivities the night before.  It was a slow jog/brace yourself don't slip/let's try to run/no, it is too slippery kind of 5K.  But it was a fun one. 

A bunch of us met up at Nookies afterwards... as a non-drinker.. this is my version of gluttony on New Years.  Ridiculously huge breakfast post jogging 5K.  Here's to a great 2016!

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