Tuesday, March 1, 2016

North Shore Cupid's Love Dash 5k

It was freezing cold at the start of the Cupid's Love Dash (12 degrees with wind chill -2).  Early feb has had varying temps and definitely cold at the start of the 5K.  Rolled into the start area with only 10 minutes before the start.. stayed in the car until the last minute and we were off. 

Course was nice and open and well monitored by volunteers.  Although it was super chilly, the roads were nice and clear.  I had this great idea to GoPro the race.. i have seen many other people do this and thought.. why not?  Get some more experience with it can share with the RD for future use.   Ummm.. yeah.. about that.  All i got was my hands swaying back and forth and my pigtails in front of the camera.  Thought a body mount would be steadier than a head cam... It was enough to realize i wont' do that again. 

I had no plans for the race and time.. just to not freeze and enjoy the course.  Finished with a 33:17 (Average Pace 10:44/mile).  After I finished, got some hot chocolate and snapped some pics for Chicago Athlete.  Below is a link to my write up.