Monday, March 7, 2016

Together We Tri Indoor Triathlon

I didn't plan to do this race... and in fact, it wasn't even on my radar until 3 friends forwarded me an advertisement email within 10 minutes of each other with comments like... "backyard indoor tri"  "figured you are doing this already but just in case"  "dont you work right by this place."   Proof that the direct mailings and peer pressure from tri-friends work!  

So, i signed up week of and figured why not?  It is a backyard race and I would be home as my family was waking up with an early wave.

Swim 10 Minutes - {Goal 20 lengths}  - Met my mark with 20 lengths exactly.  Swam 500 Yards in 10 minutes... not as fast as where i should be but considering i haven't swam regularly in um...  a while... that will do.
Bike 20 Minutes - {No goal} - They measured in watts and it wasn't great.  I couldn't get comfortable with my seat and realized it kept moving back and forth.. i was too lazy to get off so just dealt...biked for 20 minutes.. can I call that goal achieved?
Run 15 Minutes {Goal was 12 laps} - 12 laps would be a 1.5 miles which is a 10 minute pace.  I have been doing a lot of intervals but with limited to no brick workouts over the winter, i just wanted to keep that pace.   I felt good at the start of the run and just kept a comfortable pace.  I hit a mile much faster than i anticipated and somehow managed to get 15 laps... WTH?   That would mean i ran 1.875 miles in 15 minutes (8min/mile pace).  I counted alongside the counter and also got 15 laps.  Noted my cadence was faster than usual per my Garmin and i got similar values on my indoor running measurements.  I was pleasantly surprised and amazed i could hold an 8 min/mile pace for 15 minute after the 30 minutes of swim/bike.  For someone who calls there happy pace 10:30... i was happy to see I could push myself and maybe my interval training is making a difference.

Perfect post race treats along with a Chicago Athlete!
Post race we filtered down to the main area where families were waiting and vendors were all set up.  Nice set up and a fun event.  Excited to participate in the Glenview Tri this summer.  It is a super sprint and another great event for newbies and seasoned athletes alike!   

After they posted the race results, i found a discrepency in the results with what I had --> i needed credit for my 15 laps and 20 swim lengths. The RD's/TWT were super nice and helped me fix my results. I even sent them Garmin data to show proof. I quickly realized that although I am not usually one to care about my time/results.. I put up some good numbers and they needed to be PDF'ed for the future! haha

Ended up with Second in my AG!  As Scott said, it helps when over half the people are first timers... thanks Scott.  Still second AG, will take it! 
Shared some SBR love with Together we Tri
... i also might have bought some girl scout cookies
Write up for Chicago Athlete -->

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