Monday, April 25, 2016

Bunny Wabbit 5K

Signed up to run Bunny Wabbit before we made our Europe Trip plans... after flights were booked, i had realized that we were leaving the day of Bunny Wabbit... I originally thought I might do a longer distance but b/c of time, decided on the 5K and Scott joined me.  Ended up being perfect timing with the race, travel back and then we made our way for the airport.

Up in Libertyville, the race location is really perfect for a local race.  Perfect parking, bathrooms, plenty of space.  You can't beat it.. unless it was closer to MY house! :) The RD is very kind and accommodating and always puts his athletes first.  The morning started with some kid dashes where they chased a fast runner dressed as a bunny along with an easter egg hunt.  Both were awesome and hilarious to watch. 

Then it was our turn.  With Scott not running much (or that could be read as NOT AT ALL) over the winter, we planned for this to just be a jaunt and a slow work into getting him ready for this years training.  He has stated he is ready to commit to a plan which means... more training runs and a few more races with his wife :)

We weren't fast but we weren't dead slow.  We did a bit of a walk/run towards the end... we chatted about what we needed to finish for the day before leaving for the airport and started unplugging for our week long vacation.  Finished and got an awesome medal and then made our way back home.  It was a quick morning but perfect way to start vacation!  We will be back.    **After looking up our results, we found out scott got 2nd in 35-39 AG.   2nd out of 4 people... :)

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