Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lakefront 10 Miler

First longer race of the season.  I have participated in this race on/off since I really picked up running many moons ago.  It is a low key downtown race that isn't over crowded and a great kick off for the spring running season.

Was a bit nervous when i heard about the parking lots being closed for construction but made myself wake up a bit early to get down there. Was one of the last people to be able to park in right by the start.  Perfect!

Before the start, meet up with my girlfriends (and met some Chicago Running Blogger peeps) and caught up as I haven't seen some of them all winter.  It is funny how some of my favorite friends are running buddies and our social times are bright and early in the morning.   Really love these peeps!
Race is popular b/c it kicks off the spring season and you get to run up Cricket Hill. This year, they put it in the course twice, once in the first 3 miles and in the last mile. I felt good the entire race and felt like I paced myself pretty well.   I stayed with Kelly for the first half of the race and then we got lost at some aid station.  Had a swig of Base Salt around mile 6 and then a Powerbar gel at the last aid station.  Love the chocolate and try to take them when i see an aid station so I can swig some water after i digest it vs. trying to do the two things at once.  Since I normally don't run with people, I am not sure how it happened. Below are my splits and although I walked through a few aid stations at the end and up Cricket Hill, I felt like I was being consistent and was able to push at the end (hence the 10:26 mile at the end).  I was also happy to see I beat last years time by over a minute. 
Crossed the finish line feeling good but could tell I pushed at the end.  Was quickly handed a piece of Connies pizza... YUMM!!! however, about 30 minutes after the race, I realized that a greasy piece of pizza was not a good idea and had to bail out on post race brunch..wahh!

1: 10:15
2: 10:33
3: 10:24
4: 10:21
5: 10:14
6: 10:22
7: 11:07
8: 10:53
9: 11:03


Previous Years
2010 - 10 miler- 2:03:57
2011 - 10 miler- 1:53:35
2012 - 10 miler- 1:47:32
2013 - 10 miler- 1:44:54**Not counted b/c watch read short on mileage by .25Miles
2015 - 10 miler- 1:47:04

Here is my write up for Chicago Athlete


  1. Nice splits! I could have done without the 2nd ascent up Cricket Hill! :) Congrats!

  2. Great job! I made the post-race pizza mistake too, in my very first 5K ever. I definitely learned my lesson. Lol!