Sunday, May 29, 2016

Leaning Tower Tri Sprint Race Review

First tri of the season is under my belt... Could have been prettier but pretty happy with the results.  This is a race 10 minutes from my house and never have participated.  Unsure why but was excited to represent Chicago Athlete this year and race in the Niles event.  The event consists of a pool swim that goes in waves, 5 loop 12 mile course and an out and back 5K run.   The pool swim was easy and thankful to be in the first wave so I didn't need to sit around waiting for my turn.  It was freezing that morning so the run to T1 was cold and my feet were frozen.  Bundled up with a fleecy jacket for the bike and off I went.  I tried a new saddle out for the race... and b/c I love to plan.. my first ride was race day.  12 miles... I could manage.  Ended up liking the saddle if I was in one specific position.. anything else hurt but I have decided I am never comfortable on the bike.. more on that another time.. back to the race. (avg 15.5.. slow but I was ok with that

Bike went fine and happy I bundled up with a jacket and winter gloves.  T2 was quick and the run felt good to get the blood flowing.  Averaged 10:15 min/miles which I was happy about it considering it was cold and I haven't done a lot of brick work. All and all a great first tri of the season.  Cheers (with some coke!) to that!

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