Monday, June 20, 2016

Esprit De She Naperville Race Report

As a member of Lifetime, got a good offer on this race early in the season. I had some LTBucks so couldn't pass up on the opportunity.  All Women's sprint at the Naperville reservoir with good swag.. sure!  Got there early race morning to grab packet and set up transition.  With almost 2000+ participants, transition was huge.  Saw some friends before we all started lining up in our corrals.  

Since i broke my other wetsuit, i used my backup (old) suit for the swim.  After swimming this race, i ended up giving it away on a FB site b/c i forgot how much it gave me the suffocating feeling.  I couldn't get into a groove for the entire swim and honestly felt like there were a few bricks on my chest.  But, i kept plugging along while plotting how i would get rid of that suit!  Exited the swim to get this attractive pic snapped of me. 

T1 - it is a decent run to the transition and

Bike- No hills but definite wind on the bike. Enough to be annoying.  The one issue is the lack of order on the bike.  Newbies all over the place not aware of their surroundings and then occasionally speedys biking in packs drafting off each other.  Both are not cool and more importantly create risk for other bikers.  Definitely requires you to proceed with caution. 

T2- No issues.. time to run

Run- the run is a mix of roads and paved shaded trail.  Talked with some ladies while out on the course and cheered on a friend who started later than me who zoomed by on her way to a top 15 overall finish.  I felt good and pushed along.  Nothing remarkable except I kept finding myself by 2 ladies that played music with their phones.. with no headphones.  I swear, these type of issues grind my gears.  Phones or music is not allowed per USAT sanctioned events.. let alone music playing out loud to throw of others.  GRRRR.   One of these days I am going to be grumpy and say something. Till then, i will complain on my blog to leave it at that. 

2016  01:49:48
2015 01:52:40
Nothing amazing but I felt strong after the race and made it through 3 hours of church afterwards!


  1. Great job! Is that a cute new haircut?

  2. Congrats! Who are those people who play music on their phone speakers during a race (or anywhere in public for that matter)? Uggh!

    1. i feel like it is a common sense thing... but apparently.. it isn't!