Friday, June 17, 2016

Leon's Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Originally thought i would do the Oly but after a bad week of stomach issues, major heartburn and a fever, i decided the sprint was enough after considering bagging the entire thing for a few days.

Saturday, I went to grab my packet and do a quick practice swim.  I didn't need anything long just enough to get the water (for the first time in a while.. oops) and make sure i wont freak out.  The water was warm but opted for a wetsuit and was happy with my 200 meter practice.  Saw Lauren and Denise and we were ready to go for Sunday!

New Bar tape, me likey
Race day, got up nice and early and  made my way down to Hammond again. 

The Olys went off first and saw Tia off and then started getting myself ready.  Sadly, as i was pulling up my wetsuit and doing the "get it over my butt move" it totally ripped.. Unsure exactly how it happened but the seam busted.  So, no wetsuit for the swim i guess!   Was a little nervous about that as the wetsuit is a nice security blanket esp when you haven't been swimming a lot but the water was good (72 degrees) and it was only .5 mile.  So, i went without the wetsuit and was ready to race...

.5 around one major bouy and then back toward the swim exit.  Had no freakouts and was happy to feel good in the water and get in a groove relatively fast.

Averaged 17.25 MPH and feel like i can go with the adamo for shorter races.  Forces me in aero and is comfortable if i am in the Exact position it wants me to be in.  One of these days i will fork over a few hundred bucks for a full retul bike fit but for now, am happy with my $20 FB tri yard sale purchase.  Liked the new bike course as the roads were in great condition and provided a good balance of wind and flats.

Averaged 10:22/mile which i was happy with straight of the bike and limited (to no) brick workouts minus my other races.  I felt good the entire way and fun to see so many friends along the course.

Finished to find my results with a #2 ranking in my AG... Awesome!   oh wait.. only 2 people were in my age group.   2nd AG, first loser, only loser, last.   A lot of distinctions at the same time. Since I was waiting for Tia, I accepted my AG award and then saw Tia finish!  All and all, it was a great morning, perfect weather and still made it in time for part of church.  Also, beat my time for 2 years ago by 5+ minutes.

As always, mucho thanks to: Rev3, Wattie Ink, Powerbar, SBRSports, Base Performance, Boco Headwear.  I would be a hot mess without you. 

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  1. Awesome job! It was great to see you and spend some time with you at this race. Also good job on handling the last minute wetsuit snafu well! Got a new one yet?

  2. BlueSeventy was awesome and replaced it! I wore my cheap sleeveless for Espirit and quickly remembered why it is worth to get a better quality wetsuit.