Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Soldier Field 10 Miler

Have done this race on/off for the past 7 years.  I remember this being a huge milestone in 2009 after my back surgery.  Surgery was December 2008, but coming back from the surgery felt long and humbling.. and Soldier Field in 2009 was a big deal in my recovery.

This year, we hit another milestone... running with Scott.  He did a half with me a few years back (as my mother's day gift) but this year.. he has committed to the Chicago Marathon and this was his kickoff! Scott hasn't been running a ton and with the humidity in full force, our plan was to take it easy.. try to keep steady and not totally give up at the end.

We got downtown easily and were in our corral with 10 minutes to start.  Scott joked we were early for me b/c i normally cut it really close to the gun going off.  However, it gave us time to stretch and really take in the opening ceremonies.  Touched to hear the tribute to soldiers and reading of those who had fallen this past year.  Had a few tears during the ceremonies and was given a good reminder of what I should be thankful for. 
It was hot and humid out there so we took it slow and steady starting.  The miles ticked off and we were able to do a decent run/walk.  I kindof led at couch managing the schedule and motivating Scott.  We plan to start running once a week at minimum for the month of June and then pick it up in July.  Slowly but surely we will get there.  After the finish, Scott wanted to get out there so we didn't hang around post race festivities but got back home in decent time.  Proud of him for his commitment to the marathon... now we just need to run!


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  1. Congrats on the finish. Love the pic of the flag runner on LSD! Good luck with the marathon training! :)