Monday, July 18, 2016

Lake In The Hills Tri

Decided on a whim to participate in the Lake in the Hills Tri.  It was inexpensive had same day packet pick up and my friend Tony was participating... so why not. The race went fine.  Nothing stellar but I was coming off of a lot of racing over the past two weeks so went with my usual "chill" approach.  Have fun, don't kill yourself and give high fives.  And i did just that.  Enjoyed the morning even with the heat and hills and met a few cool people on the course. 

Logistically with 2 transitions, it was a bit of process on the front and back end race day.  In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't horrible but T1 and T2 were probably a mile from each other and it added a bit of stress to the morning and then afterwards, i wasnt super excited getting back on my bike and riding back to T1 with a wet bag that i could'nt quite get situated well to not hit my front wheel.  This is where better bike handling skills would have come in handy :)

Happy i participated and as always, great to see friends out on the course!

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