Monday, July 25, 2016

Rock and Roll Chicago Half Race Report

Had a great time at RnR half this year.  I have done this race on/off while I have been running and most years it is ridiculously hot as it is in July .. in Chicago. Originally my sister in law was supposed to run it but she became with child so she couldn't make it.

Packet pickup for these races are always a process.  Thankfully, Scott took me to get my packet and I didn't have to pay for parking and he dropped me off and picked me up at the front door (Score 1 for me being lazy and saving $25 for parking).  Hit up the expo for a bit, got a shirt, visited the Powerbar trailer and cked out the vendors.  I haven't really expo shopped this year so it was nice to ck it out.  Tons of my shoes that i wear but none my size :(

Race morning is always an early morning for RnR.  With a 6:30 start, I picked up Jen and were parking by 5:40am.  I have joked, we don't stay out late to have fun, we get up at the butt crack of dawn for fun. 

Prepurchased parking on Spothero but sadly had to let it go b/c congestion made it kindof impossible to get there.. we ended up at Congress for $30.  After parking here for many years, it really is one of the most convenient and most of the time, you park outside and not in a structure which makes the out easy after the race.

Before I began, i wasn't super in the mood to run a half.  Been doing a ton of yardwork and house stuff so between running and that, I have had tired legs.  Compression boots definitely have helped but I wasn't feeling it so early in the morning.  I am still not an early person after working a job that starts early and racing..
We met up with Tia briefly before the gun went off and then we were off. 

With the adrenaline and energy got off to a quick start.  Thanks to running in lower wacker in the beginning, had no idea what my pace way.  Normally, it can figure it out once I come out the other end but it was glitching and for 2 miles, it said i was under 8 minutes.. UM NO... while i knew it was wrong I did want to have a general idea of what my time was.  So i started paying attention to the mile clocks until it figured it out again and then i just focused on my pace and not the distance on my watch.

With RnR courses, they normally have a lot of action on the course.  Organized cheer stations lined the course along with tributes to chicago.  Specifically, a Cubs station, bears station (With Ditka) and a Blues Brother station.  It was cute and definitely kept the miles ticking along with the bands and DJ's. 

While Chicago normally is disgustingly hot in mid July, the temperature Gods smiled on us and gave us overcast conditions with cool breezes... it simply was perfect for running.  

I kept chugging along and based on my wacky Garmin numbers and timeclocks, it appeared I was averaged close to 11/min per mile which was perfect for me.  I felt good and I was pretty sure I was going to break my usual time of 2:30.  Around mile 10, I actually thought I would PR.  (2:24:xx was previous PR) and i figured, i can do this... so I kept forcing myself to keep going, not walk and actually just run.   I still managed to snag over 30 course pics but I felt good and not overly tired which was a huge plus! 

Kept plugging away although i realized my pace was waning a bit.  The finish line was visible with about 1/2 mile to go.. way to long to have to chip away at it. But I did just that.. kept pushing.  By this point I thought I would break 2:20 and was pushing hard and crossed and saw the :07 on my garmin and for whatever reason thought it was 2:20:07 and was a bit bummed out.  PR .. Yes but i really wanted to crack that 2:20 mark and with 7 measly seconds, I know i could of if i pushed a bit more. 

Realized it was going to downpour really bad after we crossed so high tailed it back to the car after grabbing some post race goodies.  I even ran part of the way.   Got to my car when the sprinkles just started and not more than a minute later, it was pouring.  Felt so bad for those still out on the course but also grateful i was in my car!  Got home before 10 am and looked up my time to see i did in fact beat the 2:20 mark!  Was pumped and proud that i pushed myself to finish strong.

Took a shower and a quick nap and then off to 1pm church.  Thanks to compression socks, i managed to sit through the 3 hours with little issue!

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  1. Congrats on the PR! Woo hoo! Also glad to hear you missed the rain. I have a similar story of barely making it back to my car before it started. Too bad about the SpotHero thing. Now I know why garages use SpotHero. Because they get revenue, even when cars can't get into their lot! :)