Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Glenview Park Center Triathlon

My backyard race!   So newbie friendly but also awesome for locals to push themselves.  I drive these roads everyday and love this well organized race. 
Total Time:
10/27 in AG

Swim: 6:25
T1: 2:24
Bike: 33:58 (17.7 MPH)
T2: 1:29
Run:  31:37 (10:12 min/mile)

Rolled in with 10 minute to set up transition.  Met up with friends and made our way over to the start area where you self seed yourself for the pool swim.  4 of us ended up getting together for the swim start.  We all figured we were around the same time and i was 2nd in the line of the 4 of us.  Nervous the two behind me were going to want to pass me after one length but it ended up perfect as we were on the same pace the entire time with Jen being the fastest but she was first so no worries.  We all exited around the same time and made our way to transition. 
Bike was good.. felt good in my saddle and averaged 17.7 MPH which was good for me.  I feel like i need to work on keeping my power consistent as sometimes i was up to 20 and others pushing for 15.  Exited the bike and wanted to push on the run.  Ended up with a best 5K during a sprint tri.  No walking and felt strong.  Another small victory for me.  I ended up PR'ing the race by over a minute. (with it's 300M pool swim, you can only compare it to itself) Nothing earth shattering but very happy to see I am plugging along.  This year has been about improving my core, staying strong and hopefully feeling good and strong on the course.  I have been pleased to see that this also has meant I have gotten stronger along the way. 

Finished the race and re-joined friends in the post race area. Fun day with fun friends and a PR to top it off!

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